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HE leaders study students ’experiences in detail

HE leaders study students ’experiences in detail

The annual Universitas21 general meeting brought together “the world’s leading universities” in an effort to “further improve students’ experiences and help researchers better interact with each other while creating innovative educational opportunities,” said Adam Tickel, Vice Rector and Principal Professor. University of Birmingham, where the event took place.

Danny Sriskandaraja, CEO of Oxfam, opened the ceremony with his keynote address on the Leaders of the Future meeting, and the day continued with discussions on changing students’ experiences in refugee camps, future influences of artificial intelligence and young people. work together to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“This event and symposium, in particular, provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on how the knowledge, ideas and opportunities within the U21 network will help our global student community build a better future,” Zickel added.

U21 Professor Jenny Dixon spoke about the importance of this topic, describing it as “especially important as the world continues to fight the pandemic, address sustainability and tackle the effects of climate change”, and called it “all critical of the next generation of young leaders who admire the future of mankind.

U21 membership covers 18 countries, six continents and consists of more than a million students and more than 200,000 staff representing 28 universities. Of these, 24 were represented in person in Birmingham, and others joined the meetings remotely.

The first personal annual general meeting of U21 in the last three years has been particularly important as this year marks the 25th anniversary of the network.

Speaking about this milestone, Dixon said: “We are a global network that is committed to global connectivity through education and research.”

“For 25 years, we have pursued this by deepening relationships, learning from each other, believing in the value of shared knowledge and experience, and supporting students, researchers, and staff to participate globally and empower themselves,” she added.

“As the world faces current challenges, our network’s commitment to our founding principles is unwavering.”

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