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High School Crystal Ball: What Do Students Want?


Today’s declining student numbers suggest that more and more students are questioning the value of four-year education. Even businesses are beginning to lose track of the value of the traditional degree – education seems to matter most when combined with market skills. What does this mean for the future of higher education? Given the widening skills gap, income disparity and cost of a college diploma, students are more likely to enroll in schools that provide the work and life skills needed to succeed in today’s digital world.

Larger, more elite institutions are likely to withstand changes in the higher education landscape, but smaller schools with fewer resources that seek to remain competitive may need to consider adjusting their teaching methods. To best serve students, institutions should offer hybrid, comprehensive, and personalized education.

Students want hybrid amnichannel delivery

The pandemic highlighted what many agencies already knew was true education can be delivered in a hybrid model. In the spring of 2020, students began a semester on campus and were forced to quickly become distance learning students. When colleges and universities returned students in the fall, many gave students the opportunity to return in person or stay away, creating hybrid environments that allowed each student to make their own decision.

Some students may not focus on the Zoom conference, while others appreciate asynchronous learning from recorded lectures. The hybrid amnicanal educational model allows students to learn flexibly in person or remotely, and to participate in learning through multiple channels and devices. Students can choose the preferred model of education based on their learning styles as well as fluctuations in their lives.

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