Home Education Higher Education Event in Colorado: How We Can Graduate More Students

Higher Education Event in Colorado: How We Can Graduate More Students

Higher Education Event in Colorado: How We Can Graduate More Students

When it comes to getting a college degree, there are two Colorados.

Colorado is a highly educated state, but there are big differences in the degree of achievement among Colorado residents. The gaps are the biggest for students of color and natives of the countryside.

Join the Colorado Chalkbeat on May 18, 4 to 5 p.m.

Chalkbeat Colorado launched its enrollment in higher education in 2020 reporting, we want to talk about “two Colorado”. What barriers prevent students, especially colored students or students from rural areas, from obtaining and pursuing higher education? What do students and faculty want to change? What success stories can Colorado learn from? Come hear the conversation of students, experts and teachers on May 18, 16-17 hours on MSC about these problems and possible solutions.

Join the Chalkbeat Colorado and Young Invincibles circle with students and faculty. Please respond to this event so we can provide information for webinars and listen to your ideas on questions. Participation in this event is free, but any additional donations will go to support Chalkbeat’s non-profit journalism and similar events.

Panel features:

  • Jason Gonzalez, Higher Education and Legislative Reporter Chalkbeat Colorado
  • Nicole Capelina, a first-generation Colombian undergraduate student of criminal justice at the University of Colorado at Denver
  • Nathan Cadena, chief operating officer of the Denver Scholarship Fund
  • Cecilia M. Orfan, Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of Denver and Director of Regional Alliance Research Partnerships
  • Malcolm Lovejoy, a high school student at Campo who is preparing to enter Rice University this fall after graduation
  • Will Simpkins, vice president of student affairs at the University of Denver

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