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History of New York Regents canceled due to shooting at Buffalo


The U.S. History and Government Exam in New York Regents has been canceled because of content “that could exacerbate student injuries caused by the recent violence in Buffalo,” the State Department of Education said Tuesday.

The exam, scheduled for June 1, has already been printed and packed to be sent to schools, according to a letter sent by State Commissioner for Education Betty Rose to school principals.

“It is impossible to perform a test with other content or make changes to the developed assessment for a short period of time before the date of introduction,” she wrote. “To properly support our students and their well-being, the Department is repealing the administration of the Regent’s Exam on History and the United States Government.”

The exam was set up two years ago and was being tested by government officials support students across the state after the mass shooting of Buffalo on 14 Maywhen a proponent of white supremacy targeting black people opened fire in a supermarket, killing 10 people.

During this inspection, they unearthed unpleasant materials. Representatives of the state education department did not immediately answer questions about the content.

“While developed from [New York State]- Certified social studies teachers more than two years ago and tested on the ground to confirm that the content of the exam is educational, the Buffalo tragedy created an unexpected and unforeseen context for the planned assessment, ”Rosa wrote.

The Board of Regents is expected to vote to release students who planned to take the test in June 2022, August 2022 and January 2023.

Regent’s exams usually required to completethat makes New York one of the few states that require final exams to get a degree. But the coronavirus caused the cancellation. More recently, The January regents were canceled due to an increase in coronavirus cases.

Alex Zimmerman contributed.

Christina Weig is a reporter covering New York schools with a focus on the diversity of schools and preschools. Contact Christina at cveiga@chalkbeat.org.

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