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How a Chime member used SpotMe to adopt a dog


Talking to Kristen, you would never know that she once struggled with something so difficult. Today, she owns a house and a Mustang convertible, and is one of the most positive, compassionate people you’ll ever meet. She radiates love and kindness; you can’t talk to her without smiling.

Kristen owes much of her success to her mother and grandmother. When Kristen was struggling with addiction, they donated their home to get Kristen out of prison.

And now Kristen is in a place financially where she can help her ailing mom with her bills – a small token of her appreciation.

Kristen speaks highly of her mother, an amazing woman who gave so much to take care of her family.

But it’s not just her mother that Kristen cares about. She was also granted custody of her five-year-old niece Alice, whom she is raising with Cassie. Along with her mother and grandmother, Kristen and her partner also help take care of her 14-year-old niece Andie.

Kristen continues to find ways to open her heart and home to those in need. Although he and Cassie are still trying to have a child of their own, they are also applying to become adoptive parents.

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