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How much is the fee to sell a house?


If you are planning to sell your home, your first question will probably be how much you can sell it for. But many homeowners don’t think about the costs of selling a home. There is a fee for selling a home. Some costs you can negotiate or pass on to buyers, depending on the market. But at the end of the day, some costs and fees fall on the seller.

Here’s a rundown of how much you can expect to pay when you sell your home and what that money will go towards.

How much does it cost to sell a house?

In general, total closing costs for sellers are typically 7-10% of the sale price of the home. This may include:

  • Real estate agent commission: This is usually a realtor fee that is covered by the seller and can be 5-6%
  • Home ownership transfer taxes: Sometimes covered by the seller, this is a fee to transfer the home payment from the seller to the buyer, and the cost can vary.
  • Title insurance: Usually paid by the buyer, but in some states it may be paid by the seller. This is a lender’s title insurance policy and costs may vary.
  • Escrow commission: These are usually shared between the buyer and the seller and cover paperwork and the exchange of funds, with costs varying greatly by state.
  • Attorneys’ fees: If you choose to work with an attorney, these costs are your responsibility and will vary.
  • Home repair: May be paid by seller subject to negotiation; this covers anything resulting from the inspection that the seller agrees to fix before closing. The total cost can obviously vary depending on the extent of the repair.

The the average house in the US is for sale for about $450,000. That means the average home seller pays between $31,500 and $45,000 to sell a home. That’s a lot of money. But keep in mind that the seller controls the asking price and ultimately the sale price they decide to accept. The fee should be taken into account when deciding how much to transfer.

How much is the realtor fee for the seller?

The largest portion of a seller’s closing costs goes to real estate agents. Average commission is from 5-6% for real estate agents. The seller is usually responsible for paying their agent and the buyer’s agent.

The total fee between the two agents is 5-6% of the price of the house. Realtor commissions pay for marketing, open houses, home photos, and other time the agent spends selling your home.

The agent’s commission covers the home search, showings, negotiations and other expenses on the part of the buyer.

A real estate agent’s fee is negotiable and should be discussed before entering into a contract with an agent. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to agent fees. Getting a discount sounds great. If you’re in the middle of negotiations and can’t get through to your agent, you’ll regret spending the extra money.

How much are the seller’s closing costs?

All possible fees associated with selling a home are usually between 7 and 10% of the selling price of the home. This money covers a lot of things, but mostly goes to the seller’s and buyer’s real estate agents.

When buying a home, there are many costs associated with closing. Buyer’s closing costs include lender’s fees, inspection, appraisal and applicable taxes and insurance.

Sometimes the seller will make concessions and cover some of the closing costs charged to the buyer in order to complete the sale. It’s case by case and it’s up to the seller how much they want to offer the potential buyer.

This limit the amount of closing costs the seller can pay depending on the type of loan. The seller’s concession cannot exceed the buyer’s closing costs.

Selling a home costs money

Although the idea of ​​selling a home may seem like a cash flow, there are fees involved. Many people help sell a home, and because of this, the seller charges a fee for selling the home and commissions.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your home selling journey, the best thing you can do is talk to an experienced, licensed real estate agent. The best agents know the market and know how to set a listing price, so closing fees won’t hurt your bottom line.

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