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How online learning increases your engagement and retention


Recent National Student Research Clearinghouse The report shows that post-secondary enrollment continues to decline. Undergraduate enrollment alone is down 9.4 percent from spring 2020, with nearly 1.4 million fewer students than before the pandemic.

Although COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to this drop in student numbers, it’s also due to the widespread debate over whether the high price tag attached to these programs is worth the student’s time, money, and energy, especially as inflation continues to rise.

In fact, research shows that obtaining a higher education opens up more rewarding opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. For example, college graduates will have 57 percent more employment opportunities than non-graduates, even in today’s challenging job market. The degree also provides greater flexibility and choice in where one chooses to work.

While colleges can make degree-earning more accessible, flexible, and adaptable by implementing more online teaching/learning processes, most universities are stuck using archaic systems that don’t serve online students. They are clunky, difficult to use and do not create an attractive environment. This is why higher education institutions should prioritize providing interactive online learning. Here’s how.

Use the right technology and tools

Technology has become important in our daily life. And in the case of education, creating a learning environment supported by teaching and learning technologies requires proper adoption by institutions, teachers, and students. Arming educators with the right tools and solutions can help make online learning a success.

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