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How to *ACTUALLY* build an audience as a creative in 2022


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Build. An. The audience.

How many YouTube videos have you watched on this topic?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this probably isn’t the first piece of content you use about audience growth.

I will understand. This is important. As a creative, as an entrepreneur… building an audience is very important. We have no business without the public.

In this video, I’m not talking about how to grow your Instagram or TikTok. This video is about what is really, REALLY important to growing your audience.

Check out the Youtube video below to see what I’m really talking about.



If you want:

a) to make an impact in this world; and

b) have a successful online business;

You definitely need to focus on your people. About creating a center of strange people.

There is nowhere to go.

We need your views.

And who are your spies then?

Your audience.

The people you talk to in your content every time you’re online and on social media.

The people you create content for.

People whose problems you will solve.

People whose dreams you are going to make come true.


So why there is Is building an audience that important when it comes to online success?

Well, this may sound obvious, but if you don’t have people to sell to and people who love what you do, you’re not in business.

A wonderful by-product of building an incredible online community is mule, cash, dinero, dough – and all those other slang words for MONEY.

Your audience is EVERYTHING.

Without people to sell to, you are not in business. No audience? No money, no growth, no dream lifestyle.

Building an audience is the FIRST step you should take when starting any type of business.

The best business decisions are made when you know exactly who you are trying to help.

After all, the goal of any business is to build an audience and then sell to them. It is in this order, not the other way around.


Before you sign up for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and everything else, there’s one thing we need to talk about.

No strategies will work for you unless you have this VERY important thing.

And this…

Take care.

I know that sounds a little, I don’t know… “out there” and it’s probably not the kind of advice you’d normally get from this kind of video. But that’s what’s at the heart of growing a loving online audience having an impact.

You absolutely must care about your audience for them to take care of you. For them to follow you. Get them to sign up for your freebie. To buy them at all.

Get out there and you departure

And not from the point of view of “I have to care to be successful”.

Really care.


The better you know who you’re talking to, the more you’ll resonate, connect and build lasting relationships with your audience – and the more successful you’ll be.

Be the girl (or guy) who goes out of her way to get to know your audience on a DEEPER level.

You can build an audience anywhere.

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, e-marketing, wherever.

But my favorite way to build an audience?

My email list.

My email list is the number one reason I consistently get 10k a month. Not millions of subscribers.

You just have to care about people who to do follow you and they should take care of you


If I hadn’t subscribed to ConvertKit and started building my email list from day one, I truly believe I wouldn’t be here making over 10k a month with a relatively “small” audience.

Email marketing is still very important, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

We live in a world where new social media platforms are constantly emerging.

What’s new? The club house? Not really? TikTok? Instagram is dead. No Instagram is live. And it goes on.

When you build your list of amazing people (your subscribers), you actually own your list.

On social media, you risk losing your account and followers over something as simple as a hashtag. Or Pinterest’s algorithm may decide to no longer drive traffic to your blog.

How are you going to continue to BUILD your audience?

Your email list.

You will always have access to your audience through email marketing.

You still have a way to care, build, grow and sell.


There is a reason WHY I became a partner ConvertKit in the first place.

I have been using the platform since day one when I started my secret blog in 2018.

I chose the road then Envelope because it was founded and run by the creator (and blogger at the time).

Who better understands the needs of an internet entrepreneur than a fellow creative?

Envelope has also evolved over time, as the creator world grew, so did ConvertKit.

Because they are get it They really do.


Grow your audience.

Monetize this audience.

Automate your marketing. (hmmm, introvert friendly, anyone?)

ConvertKit gives you a fresh start when it comes to growing and simplifying your business.

With ConvertKit, you literally have one place for everything.

  • A place to collect email subscribers.
  • A place to create landing pages.
  • A place to build is so important to know like and trust factor.
  • A place where you can get to know your audience (and they can get to know you).
  • A place where you can sell your offers and services.
  • A place to create your store!

Start building your email list.

Social media will always be cyclical, ever-changing, and, let’s be honest, not very addictive.

Building an email list will always be your safest bet and will be one of the most popular important assets in your business.

This is how you *ACTUALLY* build an audience as a creator.


  1. approxabout your audience.
  2. Then you care even more.
  3. You do everything you can to get to know your audience and add value.
  4. You subscribe to ConvertKit to make your life easy, pea, lemon.
  5. You build your email list.

In this order.

I believe in you.

Now go out there and build together Envelope my friend

Create your own community of amazing people.

They are waiting for you.

Because you, you are very strange.

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