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How to enter and win the National Intern Day Contest


Once thought of as just the ability to bring coffee and take orders, interns are now becoming increasingly important. Companies across the country are beginning to see these potential future employees as valuable assets and future leaders, creating a ripple effect across industries.

While some companies are just now catching on to this trend, we at WayUp have known for years how beneficial internships can be for both the people who participate in them and the companies that sponsor them. As a job placement platform that helps people find internships, we’ve seen first-hand how talented and driven these young entrepreneurs can be.

Our support for these so-called “newbies” goes so far that we have even created a holiday for them – National Intern Day, which we will celebrate for the 6th time on July 28, 2022.

Recommended for Today’s show, NASAand even Forbes, National Intern Day has taken the country by storm and for that reason has become quite competitive. To increase your chances of making our top 100 list before National Intern Day, we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help bolster your application.

Go above and beyond

The first and most important thing you need to do to make it to the top 100 list is to become a great intern. It’s not enough to be a spectator during your summer internship or just go through the motions. You must be an active participant who not only does what you are assigned, but goes above and beyond.

Another important factor to keep in mind when succeeding in your internship is your attitude. If you can go through a very stressful day that really challenges you, and you do it with a smile on your face, your manager and the people around you will notice.

Take inventory of your experience

On your National Trainee Day application, you will be asked a series of questions related to what you did in your internship, what you learned, and how it affected your career goals. If you’re not ready to answer these questions in an engaging and authentic way, it might be better to take stock of your experience before applying.

Don’t just repeat what’s written in the job description, speak from the heart and demonstrate that the internship had as much of an impact on you as you did on it. If you can show that the value of your internship was far-reaching, your chances will undoubtedly increase.

Moderate your social media presence

If you don’t already know, companies are tracking what you do on social media. And when it comes to choosing our best interns of 2022, so are we! That being said, make sure you moderate your social media presence to reflect the smart and talented person that you are.

Those who are more active on social media and demonstrate that someone can attract an audience will definitely factor into our internship decision-making process, but will by no means decide it!

Apply early

Finally, the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to get on the 2022 Top 100 Interns list is to wait to apply. The sooner you get your application, the better fill out the application and see if you have what it takes to make the cut!

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