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How to fund your CTE program

What do you need to know about Perkins V and how it supports the development of a successful CTE program for students?

Career and technical education (CTE) programs provide students with relevant tools and skills that adjust them to success in life and career, including those not typically included in traditional curricula.

These programs offer something unique and, in many cases, affect the personal interests of the student – even if they still provide valuable educational experience. CTE programs have countless benefits for students, and funding to implement, maintain, or develop your existing CTE programs is crucial. Although there are many free resources, having the funds to purchase basic equipment or switch to premium services can make a big difference.

So where do you start if you want to fund your CTE program? The most significant source of U.S. government funding for CTE comes from the Career and Technical Education Enhancement Act for the 21st Century, also known as “Perkins V” or “Perkins CTE Grants”. This is a grant, which means you don’t need to return it, but the application process is competitive and you will need to meet the requirements under the grant.

Below is a brief overview of Perkins V and what you need to know about applying for Perkins V.

About Perkins In
Perkins V is the largest federal investment in CTE. States apply to the Federal Department of Education in accordance with this law, and the Department of Education allocates money to these states. Each state distributes the proceeds to school districts and universities. As a CTE instructor or decision maker, you can and should apply for a portion of your state’s Perkins V distribution!

The process and deadlines for applying for Perkins V

Each state has its own unique application form, process, and requirements for obtaining Perkins V funds. Consult your CTE Office of the State Department of Education for deadlines, information and application materials.

Here are some quick tips on the application process:

  1. Prepare to apply for Perkins V

As states have extended the deadline, use this extra time to learn about the grant and the application process. The more you know about these requirements, the better you will be able to develop your application to show your willingness to fulfill them.

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