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How to Pack: 9 Minimalist Packing Tips


With air travel the way it is, it’s more important than ever to carry less luggage.

One thing that stresses people out while traveling is packing.

I used to be one of those people.

I eased my packing stress by taking everything with me. I was a chronic over-packer. And when the situation happened when I packed everything and there was a little space left in the suitcase, I felt like I had won the lottery. More space = more stuff. I ran around looking for other things to fill the empty space. I might need this stuff. You know… just in case.

I once went to Mexico for less than a week. I brought 5 pairs of shoes plus the ones I was wearing and then wore flip flops the whole trip. What was I thinking? today, my entire 3 month old wardrobe fits in a carry-on bag.

Living on less has inspired me to travel on less. Everything I pack fits into a small carry-on and a bag, otherwise I don’t take it with me. This applies to a trip that lasts several days or weeks. If you also love to travel and want to see the world with a little less luggage, I hope you enjoy my top minimalist packing tips and resources.

How to Pack: Packing Tips

1. Pack for half the trip. If you are going to be away for a week, ask yourself what you need for 3 or 4 days. Don’t be afraid to dress up – repeat. People hardly notice what you wear in everyday life. Hardly anyone will notice or care during your journey.

2. Create packing lists. This is useful if you travel a lot. Before your next trip, list everything you take with you. Mark each item as you use it. At the end of the trip, you will know that you can leave at home everything that was not crossed out in this type of trip. Keep your list handy, detailing where you went and what time of year, and save it so you know exactly what to pack the next time you take a similar trip.

3. Leave your desired items at home. It probably won’t be necessary these extra things.

4. Understand your laundry options. Will you be staying somewhere with a washing machine? I will rent an apartment from Airbnb especially since it has a washing machine if I’m staying somewhere longer than a few days. Some hotels have laundry facilities for guests. At the very least, you’ll likely have access to a bathroom sink where you can wash and dry some things.

5. Know when to fold them. I tried rolling, folding, and stacking clothes for packing and didn’t notice much of a difference in space. In an article in Real Simple magazine, author Heath Palepu says, “I roll my pants and fold my top—I find my clothes wrinkle less and I can fit more in my bag.” The only way to really know what works best for you is to experiment. I recommend rolling your clothes on the first leg of your trip and then folding or folding them on the way back. See which method you prefer.

6. Create a travel day form. Designate one outfit per day of travel. Then you won’t have to think about what to wear on the plane, train or any other time you travel. No matter where you’re going, your road shape can be the same. I usually wear black leggings, a short sleeve shirt or tank top and a black zip up sweatshirt with a scarf (on or in my bag). Even if I’m going somewhere warm, I know I’ll catch a cold on the plane.

7. Remember … just in case means never. If you find yourself adding things to your suitcase just in case, stop. Ask yourself why. Will you actually use it or (like me) feel compelled to fill the empty space in your suitcase? Can you get it at your destination when you need it? What’s the worst thing that will happen if you don’t bring it?

8. Bring home only memories. Return fewer items. Take photos and record your journey. Then there will be no need to arrange souvenirs in five years.

9. Don’t forget what’s important. If you focus on your belongings and what to pack, you can miss out on what’s really important, like connecting with people while traveling or enjoying new places. More importantly, don’t forget about yourself. Take care while traveling. when you come home Here’s what you can do to feel grounded.

To travel well, bring the essentials, lots of patience and room to slow down and enjoy.

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