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In 2022, it is important to consider that working from home has become a permanent part of the employment culture. Although it has become the norm for millions of people as a direct result of the restrictions imposed on daily life since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a work practice that looks set to remain. The latest statistics show that by 2025 36.2 million Americans will work remotely, be it through hybrid work models or fully remote schedules. Many people consider telecommuting to be the best form of employment. This is mainly because it allows people to have better control over their work life balance and often gives more flexibility in the working week. If you are a hybrid or remote worker, you will find this article very interesting. Here are three ways to be efficient and productive at home.

Create a dedicated home office

While working from the couch with a laptop may have been a short-term solution for the first few weeks of quarantine, it’s clearly not a viable long-term option. To work effectively from home, you need a dedicated space that allows you to work in comfort and quiet and achieve the same levels of productivity as if you were on your organization’s premises. Invest in a quality office chair, a desk that is adjustable to allow you to work standing up (as this can be better for your health for long periods of time), and make sure you have a high quality printer for home office which is compact to save space and allows you to print important documents quickly and efficiently with quiet operation.

Make sure you can work without distractions

A key part of effective homework is being in an environment free of noise and other distractions. Make sure your home office isn’t in a busy part of the house or near televisions that other family members might be watching. If your neighborhood is noisy, it can be difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. In such cases, purchasing a pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a wise investment. They can be used to stream your favorite work music, allowing you to focus on tasks while canceling out any unwanted background noise. Here are some of the the best noise canceling headphones in 2022.

Take regular breaks

After creating your perfect home office, you should find it easy and efficient to work in comfort. However, just like normal office life, it’s important to take short, regular breaks during the workday. While it’s easy to get caught up in completing a particular project or task and sit for hours on end, it’s not good for your physical health or concentration levels. It is much more beneficial to take a short five-minute break every hour to walk around the house or make a hot drink. These regular short breaks can give your brain a well-deserved rest that ensures you’re performing at your best when you sit down at your desk again.

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