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If you only have one crypto, make sure it’s this one


Cryptocurrency without a network is like a Ferrari Testa Rossa without an engine: only good for review. We are not here to buy cryptos to say we have them because the people who did have been wiped out since November.

We are here to make money, which means buying cryptos that have a job to do and can do it.

Now, when it comes to cryptocurrencies doing serious work, Ether (ETH) is up there. It was the first smart contract platform and is the #2 crypto behind Bitcoin (BTC) basically as long as it exists.

But rarely does anyone or anything stay on top forever. The question is which network will come out on top.

Let me tell you which cryptography I think is destined to take the lead and why…

I am convinced that the ADA is the future

Can’t say for sure, but my money is on… cryptography that actually has a working network. This excludes Salana (SOL) from the beginning. Incredibly, this crypto is still trading for money. They had seven network outages between November 2021 and June last year. Reliability is a must for a successful crypto. Blockchain must be unbreakable.

If the development team has to constantly maintain your cryptography, you might as well use legacy financial systems – banking.

While Ethereum probably can’t rule forever and Solana doesn’t have what it takes to replace it, I expect bigger and bigger things from it Cardano (ADA), another crypto smart contract platform that is closing in on Ethereum for the top spot.

However, “wanting it” isn’t enough, so Cardano has a pretty compelling plan to compete with and maybe even beat Ethereum’s technology.

Let’s start with something basic: Input/Outputthe Cardano team, built it so that the network can withstand internal manipulation better than any other cryptographic layer 1 protocol. This is not a trivial concern.

Few ordinary people know this, but in proof-of-work blockchains, a party that controls 51% of the total hashrate could theoretically “hijack” the crypto by stopping new transactions from being confirmed. This happened a few times in the early history of Bitcoin, although those miners had good intentions – they wanted Bitcoin to work, so they didn’t try any shenanigans.

In fact, an individual or group controlling just 34% of the hashrate can do a lot of damage

The fact that Cardano is resistant to so-called “51% attacks” gives me confidence that I can buy and use ADA freely – and often. No one wants to use crypto if they think some jerk is going to technologically steal their money.

And so Cardano has something that other cryptographies do not have. Cardano is based on proof of stake, not proof of work. How much impact a given node has on the network depends on what cryptography they are willing to do, not how much computing power they use. This verification method uses a lot less energy than proof-of-work tokens like Bitcoin, so it’s also better for the environment.

ADA may have the hardest working team in cryptography

Cardano is special because its developers built its proof-of-stake code from scratch. Many other cryptos used Bitcoin code modified to use proof-of-stake verification. The fact is that this copied code has some serious flaws that make it easy to cheat. This is not a problem for Cardano.

Cardano’s blockchain continues to stand above the rest. Vasil’s upcoming hard fork could push ADA to $1 or even $1.50 with improved efficiency and ease of use.

But earlier this week, a cryptanalytic firm Sentiment noted that Cardano was the “king of blockchains” when measured by frequency significant GitHub code repository activity.

I use my 5 Ts, but Santiment has an interesting option with a lot of merit. They measure cryptos by number are real development going on in them. It’s a way to easily and objectively measure a project team’s dedication and coding ability.

Some projects will essentially publish empty information or hype on their GitHub, which of course is a complete success. When you look at what developers are doing, you want to see them in action is working on crypto, not just promoting it. At the moment, Cardano developers are more or less constantly working on improving the network. Cryptoglobe says that the team is currently doing more work than any other developers on GitHub.

In fact, this week Cardano celebrated a major operational milestone of 1,760 days without an outage. This marks the end of five years.

Sentiment and Cryptoglobe can see what I see: Cardano is staffed and run by hard-working programmers with serious skills who take their work seriously. This satisfies my “T-for-team” metric for cryptographs. If you like to code, take a look at the Cardano repository on GitHub – I think you’ll like what you see.

And if you don’t like coding, open your Coinbase or Kraken account and buy some more ADA. It is currently trading above $0.50.

The bottom line is that this is an ideal time for investors to consolidate or strengthen their positions in digital assets there are several tokens for sale with incredible earning potential.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Actually, there is a Wall Street insider – known as a conservative investor – who is even more bullish on Bitcoin than I am. For a long time he was a great cryptoskeptic, but now he says that it is the best investment opportunity in the last 30 years.

Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital has a bold bitcoin price prediction that made headlinesand you can see it right herealong with his advice on what every american should do now…

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