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In Germany, there were two roller coaster accidents in one week


Two roller coasters collided in Legoland Bavaria on Thursday, injuring more than 30 people. The incident occurred less than a week after the fatal accident at Wild and Freizeitpark Klotten in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Collision roller coaster at Legoland in Germany

Two roller coasters collided at the Legoland theme park near the Bavarian town of Günzberg on Thursday. German police It is reported that at least 31 people were injured. And adults, and children were among those injured in the Fiery Dragon roller coaster accident, with one suffering serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities launched a massive rescue operation after the crash, with three helicopters deployed to help people descend from a height of at least five meters. After the incident, the park continued to operate as normal, the area was cordoned off from other visitors and no announcements were made over loudspeakers.

The incident is believed to have taken place after one carriage stopped at the wrong place and another carriage rammed into it from behind. None of the cars derailed and no one fell off the roller coaster. The police started an investigation into the cause of the collision.

A woman died after falling from a roller coaster

The accident at Legoland was the second incident at a roller coaster in Germany in less than a week. A 57-year-old woman tragically died on Saturday while riding The Hot Ride roller coaster at Wild and Freizeitpark Klotten – a German amusement park popularly known as Cloti Park.

State prosecutors in Koblenz said that the woman, who was identified as a Citizen of Germany, fell out of her seat as the coaster rounded the bend. The woman fell about eight meters and died.

According to park officials, The Hot Ride roller coaster is about 550 meters long and 17.5 meters high at its highest point. Castro can race along the track at a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

The park reopens after the accident

Clottey Park reopened on Tuesday following local investigations. However, despite the local police giving the go-ahead for the Hot Ride, the roller coaster will remain closed until the next technical inspection is completed. “We are still deeply affected and it is difficult for us to return to our daily lives. Our thoughts are with the relatives, we wish them strength during these difficult times,” the park said in a statement.

The public prosecutor’s office in Koblenz has also opened an investigation into the incident and is trying to determine whether the cause of death was the negligence of a third party. Police are investigating the circumstances of the death but do not suspect foul play and have appealed for witnesses to come forward to help with their investigation.

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