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In this World with Love, Babies – Era of Light


My dear children, allow me to express to you my deep love and gratitude for your presence on the planet. For the children who have just been born, you have accepted the task of improving life on Earth. The last children are the direct descendants of the higher realms. They bring high vibration sensations into your world. Today’s babies are pure and know only love, something that our planet so longs for. Today’s children will look at you differently than the previous ones. They are wiser than you. Their experience is broader than yours. They are masters. When you hold a child in your arms, know that they are not here to teach us anything, they are here to simply be love and love only. They are here to have the highest vibration and spread light. Previous souls had lessons to learn and would return from previous incarnations. Modern children have everything they need. They come from the highest levels.

When caring for today’s children, rest assured that you only need to provide for their basic needs and they will thrive. Because they have everything they need to understand and cope with the modern world. It will become easier for you to talk to today’s children, you will communicate more telepathically, and your intuition will become stronger. Each generation that came before them had something to shed or repair, but there will be only love in your new world. Therefore, all that can be born is love.

For the little ones, they will pave the way for their younger siblings. They lived before and understand what world they are born into. These are showers for adults. How to bridge the gap between wrong and right. You will find that today’s toddlers are the glue that binds the old and the new together. They can weave old ways into new ones and cause worlds to merge. Their role is to ensure the transition, and they will do it harmoniously. When you’re raising a little one, don’t question them. They will be unique in what they do. It should be. They came with a plan for them to follow in their role as wayfaring souls for the New Earth. If you ask why they do something, don’t be surprised that the answer will be wise beyond their years. They don’t need adults to tell them what to do. They are on a mission. Let them go about their days. Sure, correct them if they seem out of place, but don’t agree with them if it’s a new way of doing things. You can mix this with that and do that before that. There is no reason why things should not be done differently than in previous years.

For today’s mothers and fathers, it’s a joy that you too are a part of this experience. You have taken on the role of discovering the high beacons of love, and you should have agreed in your heart that you will take on the task of cultivating pure love. Your contribution to raising children will not be forgotten. There is no need to force them to be like you. They should be what they are. And you need to recognize the love that flows from them, allow it to flourish. Modern children accept love in return. If they are not shown love, they know how to transmute negative energy. There can only be love.

Each generation of children came with a purpose; learn lessons, promote change, break the system, ride the wave, create new, introduce love. Each has its own meaning. No generation is better than another. Recognize all souls on their agreed path and define the future of the world as the “Age of Love”. After all, there is only love in the future.

Hold your children tight, say your nightly prayers, and enjoy the laughter that comes with youth. Giggle with them at the fun surprises that arise, and pray with them when a solution is needed. My blessing to you all as we begin to love, ~ God.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh

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