Income Statement – March 2022


    All from March! Welcome to the second quarter of 2022.

    March was not so productive for me, Adam. I went on vacation to Phoenix to visit family. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge. What a blast it was! Our two boys loved the water park at the lodge. Oh! We also found a giant hole in the ground. Here is a family picture.

    I came home recharged and ready to go and then allergy season hit me like a truck. Because of this, I was moving a little slowly. In fact, I met up with Andrew last weekend for some burgers, darts, and a catch up. I couldn’t enjoy our time together as much as I wanted to because my head was always in a cloud.

    I still beat him at darts.

    What we managed to do in April!

    • Back in January, we re-enabled commentary!
      • We’ve taken a comment hiatus, but we haven’t had enough community engagement in our posts. One of our goals in 2022 is to bring back that sense of community.

    We missed all of you! Say hello to us! in the comments below!

    • We have published a few more articles.
    • Andrew has published some new articles on our partner site.
      • Unfortunately, this is still a secret.
    • We also share tons of cool financial jokes, infographics, and quotes on social media. Check out ours Instagram!

    Income for March

    March was a bad month for us. It’s normal. Being a blogger will have many ups and downs. For me personally, these falls are a time for reflection and motivation. Now is the time to strengthen the foundation to be strong in the coming month. So I’m looking forward to what April will bring!

    I personally have a lot of ambitions for Wallet Squirrel this year and I want it to happen. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to create a website. Although I think I don’t have much time, but my question is really a priority. I can get easily distracted, which distracts me from what really matters. That’s what I understand and what I’m working on.

    What helps you stay focused?

    march-2022-income statement

    These are all pretty incredible income generators and we’ve already mentioned them on the blog.

    Wallet Squirrel Monthly Expenses

    The expression “it takes money to make money” is actually quite accurate. As we learn new skills, we find new software and processes that help us make more money. However, they come at a price for their convenience. Here’s where our money went in March.

    Monthly costs are $215

    • Bluehost [$36] – Hosting service
    • Ahrefs [$104] – Keyword and web traffic research
    • Site blocking [$8] – Additional security for our Bluehost servers
    • Domain [$2] – So we can keep the domain
    • shine [$7] – Our email forms, but we’ll probably get rid of that soon
    • Grammatically [$12] – We cannot live without this amazing tool of grammar
    • Project “Noun”. [$4] – The best site for icons for our infographics
    • Dispatchable [$30] – Social media planning platform. Adam seems to really like it!
    • Canva [$12] – Helps us create cool graphics!

    Everything that was left was invested in me dividend portfolios.

    What’s in store for April

    Our goal for 2022 is TONS of content. We still have a lot of room for growth here, especially me. Andrew continues to build our affiliate website. This website is just off the ground, but has HUGE potential. On the other hand, I will continue to create more content for Wallet Squirrel. I plan to post four to six new articles this month along with some new guest posts.

    I also have some chores for the Purse Squirrel. Some of these subjects are technical, which I like. I hope these items will get monthly pageviews.

    What are you doing in April?


    Adam and Andrew

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