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Inflation Nation, Stairway to Apple & Intel, I’m Gonna Leave You


Friday Play Four: Over the Hills and Far Away edition.

hey Big onesyou got the love i need

Maybe more than enough. Oh, Wall Street, Wall Street… Wall Street, walk a mile with me.

Oh, inflation is so… so… so…

What are you talking about, Mr. Great stuff?

Well, since the Fed’s favorite gauge of inflation is mostly “over the hills and far away“I thought the Zeppelin was fine.

Whatever I lacked, the meme continued the currents of Greatness

That’s right, the Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) price index in June it grew by 6.8%.marking the biggest annual jump since January 1982.

The so-called “core” PCE index, which excludes food, energy and rent, rose 4.8% from 2021. However, growth in the main index fell from 5.3% in February.

Perhaps that’s why Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments were few and far between more dovish than Wall Street expected this week.

I don’t know about you, but the Fed’s dovishness seems a little premature given that real PCE spending rose just 0.1% in June — well below the still-rapid pace of inflation.

Oh, and speaking of consumers… You all are the most pessimistic bunch. June consumer confidence index hit another record low, falling to 95.7 from May’s reading of 98.4. This is the third consecutive drop in consumer confidence and the second consecutive record low.

So how do we make money in this clearly deteriorating situation?

Big ones, many times I have invested, and many times I have been bitten. Many times I looked at the open road. But many investment dreams do come true, and some have good overlays.

Take cryptocurrency and bitcoin…

As many of you know, Bitcoin is a word you can only guess at. Guessing about things you really should know…you really should know.

Let’s say you bought bitcoins in 2015 and turned $250 into about $20,000. Not too shabby … if you had the stomach to take a few 80% drops and two 50% drops in the last year alone.

But if you’re living for your dream and a pocket full of gold, you’ve probably realized that the good old buy-and-hold days of Bitcoin are over. kaput Joined the choir invisible.

That’s why my buddy Mike Carr recently perfected it trading system that could increase your results five times.

That $250 in 2015? It is now $106,000.

Can you tell that buy and hold looks like a complete joke? Of course you can.

Click here now to find out how you can get involved in this revolution pronto!

Now for something completely different… it’s time for the Friday Four Play!

#1: Stairway to Apple

No Stairway Apple meme

There is a company that is certain that all of its iProducts are gold and its stock is on the ladder to heaven.

If Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) gets there, it knows when all the shops are closed, with one click you can get what you came for. And it buys stairway to heaven

no! Stairs!

Oh… Ruin the sport.

Anyway… looks like I’m going to have to stop bashing Apple for a while. The company slayed its Q2 report with a double whammy:

  • Earnings per share: $1.20 vs. $1.16 expected.
  • Revenue: $83 billion versus $82.81 billion.

Not only did revenue and profit beat Wall Street targets, iPhone and iPad revenue was exceptional … with a gross margin of 43.26% versus estimates of 42.61%.

The only chinks in Apple’s armor were a slight loss in services revenue — which was still up 12% year-over-year — and the always-struggling Mac revenue.

However, if you were hoping for a double hit and a raise, you will be disappointed. Apple didn’t provide guidance for the current quarter, but CEO Tim Cook said, “From an overall outlook perspective, we expect revenue to increase in the September quarter despite some areas of softness.”

Cook may not be the piper to bring us to the point, but Apple has definitely figured out how to rock and not roll, oh yeah.

AAPL shares are up about 3% for the day.

#2: Hello, hello too, Amazon

Gollum Amazon meme

I want to tell you about this promotion that I love, it looks so good.

It’s the only one I bet on, maybe someday it’ll be all mine.

In the evening, when the sun goes down, and everyone is with the one they love…

I’m looking online for something to buy…looking for my fix on Amazon.

hey hey what can you do

If you have a woman who wants to shop all day, you should probably invest in Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) … especially after quarterly report this morning.

Despite inflation and consumer hardship, Amazon is still killing it. Revenue jumped to $121.2 billion, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales rose to $19.74 billion.

Investors were relieved to see strong earnings from AWS, especially after it happened with Microsoft’s Azure slight growth retardation the last quarter.

But it wasn’t all bars where people play guitars for Amazon. The company lost $2 billion in the quarter due to its investment in electric car maker Rivian Automotive (Nasdaq: RIVN). Amazon has lost more than $11 billion on its RIVN holdings this year.

In addition, Amazon’s North American retail unit also posted its third straight loss.

It’s strange to think that Amazon subsidizes its online retail business with AWS and advertising revenue, but it does.

Shares of AMZN are up more than 11% since the report, but I’m interested to see how the US economic recession affects this enthusiasm going forward.

#3: Aaaaaaaaaah Ah!

Roku meme with the immigrant song

That’s all. That’s all I have for Led Zeppelin lyrics on Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU). This scream start with “Song of an emigrant” pretty well sums up this situation.

My favorite streaming company just announced a Net loss for Q2 was $112.3 million, or $0.82 per share. Revenue was $764.4 million.

Both the numbers fell short of Wall Street’s expectations.

And this is not the worst:

The second quarter saw a significant slowdown in TV ad spending due to the macroeconomic environment, which impacted our platform revenue growth. Consumers began to reduce their own spending, and advertisers significantly reduced spending in the ad dispersion market. — CEO Anthony Wood

So, in addition to supply chain issues — such as semiconductors — Roku now faces a slowdown in ad spending. This is bad news for the company, as it now makes most of its money from advertising revenue.

Roku said it expects 3Q18 revenue to rise just 3% to $700 million, missing the Street’s $898 million target. Roku also changed its forecast for the full year, adding even more fuel to the sales fire.

As a result, ROKU shares fell more than 25%.

Now I’m seeing a slowdown in ad spend on Twitter, Snap, and Facebook… but Roku has the biggest streaming market penetration in the world. It has a ton of free content and is on its way to becoming the biggest online broadcaster.

Advertising companies are going to find out when the US recession hits full swing. They’ll see a boom in ad-supported streaming as wallets tighten. So I view this 25% ROKU drop as a potential buying opportunity – if you have the risk tolerance.

#4: Intel, I’ll leave you

Led Zeppelin Intel meme

I said Intel (Nasdaq: INTC)you know i will leave you.

I will leave you when summer comes.

Of all the semiconductor companies on the market, Intel is the last one I would buy right now.

The company’s Q2 report shows that it still hasn’t solved any of its problems, and I’m not sure passing the Chips for America Act will help Intel in general.

I mean, just look at these miserable numbers:

  • Earnings per share: $0.29 vs. $0.69 expected.
  • Revenue: $15.3 billion vs. $17.94 billion expected.

There was even guidance, with Intel reporting 3Q15 revenue of $15 billion to $16 billion, well below the consensus estimate of $18.72 billion. And then Intel also cut its full-year expectations.

I have rarely seen a company post a double miss and direct below. However, I have to commend Intel management for understanding that it’s not just economic and supply chain issues:

This quarter’s results were below the standards we have set for the company and our shareholders. We must and will do better. The sudden and rapid fall in economic activity was a major factor, but the deficit also reflects our own performance problems. — Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

You know your “own execution problems” are big when even the swift passage of a $52 billion government stimulus package for semiconductor manufacturing does absolutely nothing for your stock. Or who knows… maybe it did, and INTC shares still fell more than 9%.

Anyway, until Intel shows it can get its $#!t together… I’m avoiding INTC stock like the plague.

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