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International Education News l The PIE News l The sector is responding to the new Australian government


The center-left opposition party has come to power for the first time in nine years, led by a coalition government and more recently by Scott Morrison’s government with its conservative liberal-national coalition.

Independent higher education in Australia congratulated Prime Minister Albanez, followed by a statement in which Peter Handy, Director General of IHEA, said he “looks forward to working with the new government to build on the success of Australia’s world-class higher education sector”.

“The new government has the opportunity to develop Australia’s higher education sector and contribute to the success of our national economy in the future by leveraging the growing opportunities of Australia’s independent higher education,” Handy added.

Recently, The 2022 IHEA Federal Election Platform was launched outlining a number of useful sector reforms to revitalize Australian higher education, address skills shortages and stimulate economic growth during this new term of the Australian Government.

Until the election results of Fr. support for Australia’s international education and research sector report was released in Group of eight. He gave advice to politicians on how to use international talent to benefit from a new direction that would change international education and ultimately boost the economy and improve living standards.

Among the recommendations of Go8: the introduction of a new visa with high potential; increased support for research sharing, bilateral research funding and a commitment to support Australian researchers’ access to the Horizon Europe program.

In addition, Go8 called for “support for increased re-participation and diversification of the international education sector.”

The government should help create new markets and re-engage with existing ones to provide talent, develop a national scholarship program that will encourage high-performing students from different countries in areas such as engineering, IT or quantum technology, in addition to a bilateral program such as New Colombo Plan to work in additional regions of interest, such as Latin America.

It also needs to renew Endeavor’s leadership program, which supports two-way mobility for research and professional development with priority partner countries, Go8 added.

“International education and the introduction of targeted visa regimes will also be crucial to providing Australia with access to the global talent pool and skilled workforce needed to meet the demands of emerging and important emerging industries,” said Go8 CEO Vicki Thomson.

“International education and research are directly linked to economic growth and the possibility of improving living standards.”

Elsewhere in the sector, Universities of Australia said the “universities are looking forward to working with the government and the whole parliament to ensure that all Australians have had the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

“We will work with the government to increase the productivity provided by highly skilled people in the economy, as well as technological and social advances,” said Catriona Jackson, executive director. Universities of Australia.

“Universities are a fundamental part of an optimistic, productive modern economy and society. Our students, staff and researchers work in all areas of human activity, giving our nation the best chance to solve the most complex problems and identify and seize great opportunities. ”

Jackson stressed the timely arrival of the new government, saying that “as we emerge from such difficult times, universities are ready to play the fullest role in restoring and harnessing the full spectrum of our national talent.”

The country must “ensure that universities take a strong position so that they can maximize their contribution to the nation,” she added. Before the pandemic, universities contributed $ 41 billion to the economy, supporting more than 256,000 jobs in Australia.

“It is more important than ever for us to invest in university teaching, learning and research opportunities,” Jackson added.

Alfred Slogrow, CEO Gold Coast Studytold PIE News the organization is “always ready to work with all governments for the benefit of our sector for our students, faculty and the many employers who depend on its success”.

“With the new government in Canberra, I hope we can achieve better results for our mutual benefit,” he said.

“The new government is committed to creating an agreement to bring together universities, unions, businesses, students and parents to restore stability and trust in the higher education sector, which is a good start.

“The new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has promised to create up to 20,000 more places for higher education students, and has made significant commitments to the VET sector by reinvesting in TAFE, which is certainly great news,” Slogrov added.

“With the new government comes a new policy, and we will advocate maintaining a good, for example, flexible visa regime, work and postgraduate studies, and renewing outdated policies.”

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