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International schools in Madrid are sought after in Europe

International schools in Madrid are sought after in Europe

Are you planning to move to Madrid or move completely? You made a good choice. Madrid is a beautiful city with great restaurants, art galleries and lively bars. Prices for food and food outside the home, in general, are much cheaper than in other European cities.

1. International College of Spain

International College of Spain is located in La Moraleja, Alcabendas. Founded in 1980, it is the only school in the center Madrid which offers three international bachelor’s programs. The school curriculum is one of the most popular internationally. English as a Complementary Language (EAL) is offered to students studying English as a Complementary Language. ICS is a member of Nord Anglia’s educational schools, enabling them to engage in excellent learning collaborations with the Juilliard School, the NAE Global Campus and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

2. Madrid International School

The ISM began in 1971 as an elementary school only 38 students. It has developed into a leading private school with more than 800 students and is located in the Charmartin district of central Madrid. ISM accepts students between the ages of 1 and 18 and strictly adheres to the English language curriculum. Pupils love many after-school activities from preschool to high school.

3. St. George’s School

St. George’s School British private school in Madrid, teaching students aged 2 to 18 years. The training center is located on an area of ​​2.5 hectares in Madrid’s Norte N1. Modern wonderful facilities include a sports field, a 25-meter pool, a football field, etc. The classes accept students of 45 different nationalities. English is the main language of instruction and helps each student to reach their full potential. St. George offers a British national curriculum from the age of 2, offering a better education while taking advantage of a rich cultural environment. Spanish and other social languages ​​are also available. The school offers the IB program (English).

4. American School of Madrid

ASM campus is located in Posuela de Alarcon, west of Madrid. The school is a wonderful modern center such as the Arts Center, a multifunctional room, an auditorium for 600 seats, tennis courts, football fields with a lawn and more. The ASM Graduate School offers an American curriculum.

5. Colegio Brains International School Maria Lombillo

The brains of Maria Lambila is located in the Arthur Soria district of Madrid. All teaching is in English, except mathematics and Spanish. Classes have technology, and the school offers modern extracurricular activities such as chess, judo, basketball, music, etc. Children are offered the IB program.

6. Hastings School

Hastings School is a private international British school in Madrid that accepts children from early to high school. School campuses are located in the center of Madrid, which can be reached by public transport or on foot. 6 different Hastings School campuses are within walking distance of each other. Regular buses connect different campuses. Chalet Paseo de la Habana hosts the program for the early years, Sobradiel, Bendición de Campos, Azulinas, Lorenzo Solano Tendero and Manuel Marañón.

7. Casvi American School

Casvi International American School offers an American curriculum and an international bachelor’s program. The school runs a global educational program, teaching young people the necessary skills of the 21st century. In Kashvi there are boarding houses for men and women.

8. British International School Endaze

Endaze, a private international school admission to the nursery for middle-level students, offering level A courses. All teachers are native English speakers who know the British curriculum. 25% of students are from other nationalities, indicating the diversity of a multicultural environment that is great for a child looking for a global perspective. The school campus is an impressive 6,200-square-meter complex with state-of-the-art facilities, state-of-the-art classrooms and beautiful outdoor facilities.

9. Montessori English School (TEMS)

TEMS it is a private co-educational school that offers quality education to children aged 3 to 18 years. Founded in 1973, TEMS offers an English national curriculum and Spanish language and humanity. The Montessori School recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture as the British Cultural Center in Spain. Extracurricular activities at TEMS are drama, judo, ballet, basketball, football, along with other interesting activities such as hiking, skiing, etc.

10. School of the Royal College of La Moraleja

King’s College is a British school located in the La Moraleja district, on a high hill overlooking the Alcabendas. The school is open to all Spanish or foreign children in the area. The school has more than 630 students aged 2 to 16. There are wonderful modern facilities such as ICT center, library, music classrooms, art studios, gyms, etc.

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