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International students in New Zealand will resume their studies from 31 July


The New Zealand government has announced that the country will officially open its borders from July 31, 2022.

From this date, foreign students on current visas will also be able to enter New Zealand, according to Erudera College News.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Education, the recovery also means that more students in New Zealand will have the opportunity to study abroad and “Become better connected citizens of the world.”

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said the return of international students would help rebuild the education sector in New Zealand.

“International education makes an important contribution to the work of many education providers in New Zealand, to our economy and to the prospects of many of our students. It introduces people around the world to our culture and way of life. It can increase our skills base and strengthen our ties, reputation, diplomacy and trade. ” – stated in the ministry.

Announcing the decision to restore the borders, the ministry noted that the government has made immigration changes, some of which affect international students. The changes, which will take effect from May 11 to July 31, 2022, include:

  • Students with a qualification of 7 or lower (excluding bachelor’s degrees) will be eligible for post-graduate employment rights only if the qualification corresponds to a profession on the Green List.
  • The validity of a post-study work visa for international students will now reflect the time of study in the country up to three years. This change will not affect the master’s and doctoral degrees. students who will be eligible for post-study work for three years if they have spent 30 weeks in New Zealand during full-time study.
  • International students will no longer be able to apply for a second work visa after their studies.

“No change has been made to the right to work while studying for international students, which remains an important part of New Zealand’s education for some international students and mitigates some of the risks of their exploitation,” stressed in the ministry.

Under the new changes, international higher education students will continue to welcome study in New Zealand at all levels, and many will have the opportunity to work while studying.

According to the ministry, these students can still apply for another visa after a student visa if they are allowed to, including at an average salary or more in most cases.

More than 5,000 international students have already received permission to enter New Zealand in mid-July as part of the country’s border exceptions. Students will be able to enter New Zealand after obtaining a visa.

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