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Is reading comics considered reading?

Is reading comics considered reading?

Your child (and you) may actually enjoy reading, but you haven’t figured that out yet. Mr. Prasat Arumougam of the School of Arts’s English Faculty of Literature explains why he believes that “non-readers” are really readers who have not yet found a book that speaks to them.

Mr. Prasat Arumougam, Faculty of English Literature, School of the Arts

Holidays at the end of the year are in full swing. Which can only mean one thing – children need to be occupied (with meaning!). Dear parents, if you do not know what to do with them, there is something that can really change the situation.


If you release an inner moan because you are just know this your child prefers to eat a plate of broccoli than read, don’t worry. As someone who thinks that the “reader” is just someone who has not found a book to talk to, I suggest a few ways in which parents can help instill a love of reading in their children.

Start where they are

Before you ask, yes – comics count. I’ve heard some critics try to claim the superiority of “books to read” over “inferior reading materials” such as comics and fan fiction. Yes, there is room for a favorite classic, but imposing it on a child’s throat is a surefire way to distract him from reading. Autonomy is the most important component of motivation: to give the child a space to read everything that interests him, to strengthen his interest in reading. It also increases the likelihood that he will find more relevance in what he reads. So let him hassle-free comics.

Be a reader too

Teachers have a favorite saying: values ​​catch, not teach. In class, when my students see that I read with them, they are more engaged than if I talked about the importance of reading. At home, when parents make reading a priority for themselves, they can better create a home culture where reading is considered important.

Take an interest in reading them

As part of building a home reading culture, talk to your child about the books he or she reads. What does he like or dislike and why? Does he have a favorite character? If he didn’t like the book, what other book would you encourage him to read? It is also important to share your reading experience. By showing genuine interest in your child’s reading life and talking about your reading, you are demonstrating that reading is worth appreciating. This further normalizes activities as part of your family culture, which in turn increases your child’s involvement.

Remember your reading story

Research shows that parents’ attitudes toward reading affect children’s interest. If you prefer to turn on Netflix rather than pick up a book, think about what it can tell your child. If you are reluctant to read, you should wonder why this is so. Have you had bad experiences with growing books? How did they feel about you? If we come to terms with our reading history, we can better act intentionally and create better opportunities for our children.

Go to the library

An environment rich in print is another essential component to make readers out of children. Constant acquaintance with high-quality texts and ample opportunities to practice reading contribute to strengthening their personality as readers. Creating a home collection of books that interest your child is very helpful. Or think about regular trips with your child to the library to maintain a constant rotation of new titles for free!

This weekend, try these five strategies at home with your child. Who knows, your child may be bitten by a reading error and ask for their stockings to be filled book by book. Now that won’t be a joyous problem?

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