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Is your leadership development program working? Here’s how to gauge its impact


When it comes to leading your business to success, having a good bench of leaders is essential. However, good leadership takes work. Sign in leadership development programs.

Depending on the goals and needs of your company, following leadership development best practices can help you discover someone’s leadership potential. However, whether the program is fast-tracked over a few weeks or stretched out over years, results can vary depending on how you implement the program.

Generally, you should evaluate your leadership development program using tangible, objective standards. Read on to learn how to measure the program’s impact on your leadership development goals.

How to evaluate your organization’s leadership development program

The idea behind the leadership program evaluation is to determine whether the candidate finds value in each process or strategy as it relates to managing team performance, employee turnover, customer experience, and other relevant business aspects.

Here are some of the elements you should consider when evaluating a leadership development program.

Identify key metrics to track

First of all, you should assess the candidate’s people management skills key performance indicators (KPI) such as turnover rates, planned versus actual hours and employee satisfaction levels.

You should also track KPIs specific to the respective departments. For example, you have to monitor the achievement of the sales target of the sales manager. Achieving high numbers for these KPIs indicates that the program is performing well.

Measure quality metrics with internal surveys

When a team is dysfunctional, it is vital to understand all the issues between team members and the managers being trained. With an internal survey, you can collect feedback privately and gauge what issues are coming up.

The data will show you specific metrics that you can use to further develop your program evaluation. Ask their direct reports to rate them on the curve quality competencies such as job knowledge, communication skills, quality of work, etc.

Compare their KPIs before and after the program

To measure the impact of your leadership development program, you must first have a clear understanding of the current status of your candidate’s KPIs. This will give you a baseline that you can use to compare the data you have collected after you finish the program.

Assess how much they have learned

In addition to learning how to manage people, leadership development programs should help candidates learn new skills which will benefit their team and the entire organization.

To determine whether a program has improved candidates’ knowledge and skills, you should measure and evaluate course usage and pass rates to see if candidates are mastering the lessons.

In addition, application outcome surveys that ask how often they use the skills and competencies learned should be administered as they interact with their teams.

Evaluate the program’s ROI

Perhaps one of the most telling indicators of program success is return on investment. If the program has a positive ROIthen it is considered successful and therefore should be continued to inspire more hopefuls.

A word of caution: Estimating a program’s ROI can be difficult. First, you must consider both the direct and indirect costs of the program. These include course fees, accommodation and office hours used by learners during the course of the programme.

It is even more difficult to calculate the direct and indirect benefits or losses associated with the program. Here you can look at sales achievements, man hours saved and employee retention rates.

Consult with a leadership development professional

Often, implementing the right leadership development strategies can be a long process of trial and error. But with the help of a leadership development professional, your company can explore different approaches to evaluating a leadership program. Then you can begin to align your programs to create a greater and more positive impact for all.

A good leader never stops learning

Measuring the impact of leadership development programs is critical for companies in developing high-potential bench leadership over the long term.

Many different factors can come into play when establishing a leadership approach. So this experience can be a difficult process for some.

In such cases, it is best to seek help from a trusted partner, e.g Coaching4Good to find qualified trainers who will work closely with you in developing your organization’s leadership development program.

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