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It is time for positive changes in Idaho education

It is time for positive changes in Idaho education

Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I should run for the position of head of public education. Nowadays, there seems to be a slippery slope to share thoughts about campaigns and elections. We also clearly hear that you need to stay in your lane. Well, I guess that’s my strip. I was a teacher in Idaho for 27 years when I served in three different rural school districts of Idaho and also served as a deputy principal in the Idaho Department of Education. I also served as Gooding County Commissioner for four years. Education in the Idaho countryside is my helm, and it is from this perspective that I express my interest in electing Debbie Critchfield our next head of state education.

I have known Debbie for over 15 years. We worked together on the Idaho Double Credit Task Force when she was a member of the school board in Cassia County, and I worked in the State Department of Education. Even then, it was clear how much she cared about Idaho’s children and about creating opportunities and access for all students. As a rural educator, this is what I want for our students in rural Idaho. They deserve access and opportunities like any other student. Debbie brings vision, a willingness to collaborate and really listen, and the ability to stand up for us and truly be a leader.

It’s time for a positive change in Idaho’s education, and Debbie Critzfield is a change. Please join me in supporting Debbie on May 17th.

About Rob Sauer

Rob Sauer is the headmaster of Homdale School District, the headmaster of the year in Idaho in 2021 and the national educator of Milken in Idaho in 2005.

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