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Jill’s Saturday Kindle Deals – Jill’s Book Cafe


The books listed below are the ones that would tempt me, not a wide selection everything books on offer. Clicking on Kindle will take you to Amazon’s current daily deals.

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Sisters’ Promise Jean Faith Hogan

Three estranged sisters. Six months to get back together.

If GGeorge, irice and NOla’s mother died, the sisters made a pact: they would always be there for each other, no matter what.

Now, decades later, they can barely stand being in the same room. When his health took a turn for the worse, their father came up with a plan to bring them back together. In his will, he stated that before they could claim an inheritance, they must live together for six months in the Irish village of Ballycove and try to repair their broken relationship.

But reunited in their childhood home, old grudges simmer, new secrets threaten to surface, and each sister must decide what’s more important: their honor or their family. Can they overcome their past and find a way to love each other again?

Presents by Laura Barnett

Twelve people
Twelve gifts
One Christmas to remember

Maddie runs a bookstore on Market Square. She struggles to choose a gift (watch? wine subscription? weekend bag? too much?) for her old high school friend Peterwho had just returned from London after a messy divorce.

Peter has no idea what to get her teenage daughter Chloe – furious with her mother, she decided to move to Kent with him, but he worries that he doesn’t really know her at all.

Chloe wants to buy something special for his grandmother Irenewho lives alone at the other end of town.

Irene not so much these days, but she would really like to find the right gift for Alinawho is actually much more than a guardian – always stopping for a little chat, a cup of tea, even if she is running late.

I AlinaMeanwhile, I noticed something…

Donna Ashcroft’s Little Cornish House

Sunshine, mysteries and a handsome stranger… Everything is about to change for Ruby Penhaligon.

Step into the stunning Indigo Bay on the beautiful Cornish coast and immerse yourself in an exciting summer romance about second chances and creating your own happiness. Perfect for fans of Nicola May, Sarah Morgan and Katie Bramley.

Thirty-year-old Ruby done with love: no drama, no complications, no men. She lives for herself and she likes it. But her whole world is turned upside down when her grandmother calls to say that her beloved pottery business is going under and that she may lose her beautiful Cornish seaside home. She needs Ruby to get back to Cornwall and save the day

Returning to Indigo Bay brings back memories that Ruby would like to forget, but she is determined to save her grandmother’s house. As the summer heats up, the pressure grows on Ruby and she needs a distraction. Although in the literal sense of the word Gabe Roskillythe sexy and brooding owner of a local brewery wasn’t part of her game plan.

Ruby tries to ignore her attraction to Gabe, but there’s no escaping the tall, dark, handsome stranger as Gabe finds himself at the center of village life. And when Ruby’s plans for the little Cornish house begin to fall apart, she discovers that Gabe may be the only person who can help her. Ruby’s promise to stay single is tested to the limit. But are Gabe’s intentions good…or will Ruby get heartbroken again?

Will Ruby be able to save her grandmother’s cottage and find true happiness this summer? Or will secrets from the past ruin everything?

Harriet Tice ends at midnight

It’s New Year’s Eve and the stage is set for a lavish party in one of Edinburgh’s best postcodes. This is a moment for old friends to make amends – and move on.

The night sky is alive with fireworks and champagne is flowing. But the celebration did not happen.

Because someone at this party is going to die tonight.

Midnight is approaching and the countdown begins – but it seems that one of the guests does not want a resolution.

They want revenge.

The Lip by Charlie Carroll

Away from the hotels and holiday homes there is an unseen side to Cornwall where the shifting uncertainty of the future breeds resentment and mistrust.

Jenny’s melody is hidden. She lives alone in a caravan at Bones Break: a small cliff top on the north coast of Cornwall. She spends her time wandering around her territory, spying on tourists and vagrants and memorizing. She sees everything and remains invisible.

However, when a stranger enters her life, she is forced to face not only him, but also the terrible tragedies of her past.

Lip is a novel about childhood, isolation and mental health told in the unique and unforgettable voice of Melody Jenny.

“All this is breaking bones. It’s all mine.

I know every inch of him; I know it as close as the seagulls. I stand dead center, my feet balancing on the edge of the lip. Below is a thunderous tattoo of waves on a rock. The wind catches the tips of my hair, raising it above my ribs: less force than is necessary to knock me off my feet; enough to make me straighten up, take a step to the left, and then back again. Here on the lip, it’s vital to know where my feet are.’

Close your eyes Beverly Harvey

How did I forget the worst thing that ever happened to me? And how do I try to put it right?

The first time I remember, I thought I was dying. She could not breathe – something was squeezing her chest – she could only see darkness. A terrible fear that pulls me under. And all because of a glimpse of a face I hadn’t seen in years.

Since then, I have understood: it is the memory of the attack. Many years ago, something terrible happened to me – a night that changed my life without even knowing it. My family and friends don’t believe me – they say I’m making it up, but I know I’m right. I don’t know who was responsible. And I won’t stop until I know.

Where the truth leads me. No matter what betrayals are revealed. Regardless of the risk.

Em & Me Beth Morey

A secret waiting to be discovered.

For too long – since the sudden death of her mother as a teenager, since the birth of her daughter Em when she was only seventeen – Delphine has been unable to let go of the past, obsessed with protecting Em and clinging to a secret that could ruin everything. She lived a life in safe shades of gray.

The day Delphine finally stands up for herself is the day that changes everything.

Delphine begins to remember what it’s like to want more: to rediscover her singing voice, to open herself to friendship, and to rekindle not only her mother’s roots, but her memories of her mother. As her life begins to fill with color, will she be able to be brave for herself and for Em? And what if she finally told the truth?

A heartfelt, hopeful novel about finding a second chance and making the most of it.

Bamburg L.J. Rosa


When a grumpy old woman dies in her home in the sleepy, picturesque village of Bamburgh, Inspector Ryan doesn’t think much of it – except for the small fact that his wife accidentally finds her body. Then another body is discovered among the sand dunes at the foot of the castle’s mighty keep, and he decides it can’t be a coincidence…

Meanwhile, after a recent revelation about her sister, Melanie Yates’ quest to avenge her death turns into an obsession – much to the dismay of those around her. With a new DCS to contend with and hundreds of inactive case files to sift through, the chances of finding the dormant killer seem unlikely. But as Melanie delves into the mysteries of the past to uncover the truth, she soon realizes that it lies much closer to home…

Murder and mystery are infused with romance and humor in this fast-paced crime whodunnit set amidst the breathtaking landscape of Northumbria.

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