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July 29, 2022 – Alpha Ideas


Some unusual weekend reads:

President Xi Jinping warns President Biden about Taiwan (FMPRC)

A son’s pilgrimage for a warrior father (Archana Masih)

Topic: Saint Xavier and the Hindus (Savitri Mumukshu)

British Rishi Test (Merchant Minhaz)

A possible US attack on Iran (American conservative)

Lipstick and Jews (TOI)

Beirut, fragmented (Al Jazeera)

Peter Thiel is not a genius, just a rich guy (Jacobin)

Ukraine is in my blood and mind (Owen Matthews)

Deception and duplicity (Damn interesting)

Fierce struggle between property and people (Indy Samarajiva)

Ireland’s Whiskey Trail (Joanna Lobo)

Subject: Pune Food Trail (Yunisha Dama)

Travel: Zanzibar (The BHP team)

Thread: Don’t take holiday membership (Dr. Prashant Mishra)

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