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Just click for your building materials – The New Indian Express

Just click for your building materials - The New Indian Express

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Great ideas lead to great startups. It was one such idea that prompted Hopikrishnana B and Finaz Naha to start BuildNext, which is similar to Flipkart for the construction business. According to the duo, the entrepreneurial entrepreneurial entrepreneurship comes from identifying opportunities in a sector that is largely disorganized, and the relationship “we don’t mind getting your hands dirty”. This prompted them to start their own startup in Kerala.

Launched almost a year ago, BuildNext allows customers to choose from a wide range of building materials from different parts of the country. “Customers don’t know what’s on the market. In the brick category alone we offer a choice of 30 varieties; ordinary red brick to autoclaved aerated concrete blocks used in western countries. We put everything from Belgian wooden floors to special blocks from Gujarat, ”says Hopikrishnan. Now the site employs more than 200 vendors, 10,000 products used to build 50 projects. “We have more than 300 projects underway with offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode,” says Finaz.

BuildNext’s features are similar to an e-commerce site that helps buyers and sellers meet. Using its aggregation strategy, it can also provide great deals and discounts. According to Hopikrishnan, BuildNext customers easily get a 10% discount per square foot of construction cost. “Our sellers are also happy because we are opening them up to a bigger market,” he says. However, the problems are bigger than a regular e-commerce company. In addition to providing construction solutions, they have problems with transportation and logistics that require the transportation of bulky materials to customers from different states. He wisely used technology and logistics to deal with the problems. It will take millions of rubles to create a physical store with warehouses in different places.

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