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Just watched… “The Desperate Hour”…


I’m trying to be a movie buff, I thought #directTV caught up with me, then I got an Apple TV and realized there were so many movies I hadn’t seen and started hitting “Save to My Feed” on Hulu. A very special person just came back into my life and it was nice to talk to him again, his choice, he even approves of my blogs, he thinks I should rename my blog to “spoiled schizophrenic” – I have a really bad addiction to shopping , which I haven’t come across yet, I should probably save my earnings for other expenses, like a new computer or something. Save.

This movie had all the bells and whistles of proper propaganda in my book, without causing trauma and showing real violence with visual evidence of the trauma unfolding, we were left with all the audio and a beautiful scenic location. I’m still not sure where the movie took place, the producer called “Fishburg” sounds like my Spielberg related name.

My ex-boyfriend is a producer, recently divorced and moved back to Los Angeles, he was in Colorado where I went to college. It looks like they’ve experienced similar devastation in regards to fire and gun violence, hopefully things will calm down in the future if Mother Nature isn’t to blame for the frequency of destruction that occurs on the map. It’s been an amazing time in history, so much is going on, but we have to get back to normal, and sometimes that’s hard to do. What about this, what about that, what about that? It seems that sometimes we need to put all our questions aside and just move forward. If there’s anything this time period has taught me to move forward, no matter who’s around and on board, just respect everyone who’s doing their thing, we’re so blessed to have a few people in our lives who stick by us constantly, always give thanks for them, some have no one.

I was one of those people who didn’t have anyone for a while, I turned my loneliness and depression into running by being a long distance runner, that’s how I felt about this movie. You don’t usually run away from something, as you can see whenever she was hit by something heavy, she couldn’t run or she tripped and fell. Don’t we all feel that way when trying to get to the bottom of things in life, most feel entitled to know everything which is just general public perception of the odds and frequency of questions as far as who and why something is Me too would like to know.

With schizophrenia, you learn to look at life through multiple lenses, and maybe that’s what this movie opens us up to, sometimes accepting the negative, sometimes feeling defensive and doing things or saying things that put others whose views and beliefs may be at risk. at risk is simply for you to be right or to say without knowing who you are harming.

Always think of consequences and think that the consequences you expect or try to inflict on others as punishment for your feelings are equal to the amount of pain and suffering you think you deserve the suffering that causes you to feel ignored or disrespected in life. It is common to disrespect those who expect the heroism of victims, rather than the protection of unknown or would-be criminals, who are the heroes of our book.

It would be unlikely that all characters were completely devoid of life failures or associated with what we consider to be bad people in life, haven’t we all faced lesser lives or lesser people at some point and eventually learned to see ourselves as no different regardless of who we don’t communicate with or understand.

Who you relate to in life is your personal preference, what you find meaningful in life is a deep perception, which is what I think this film is trying to teach us to do when interpreting the project as a whole, how it conveys the issues, how it respects what elements of heroism and what are typical failures in this feat. Intervention is a great example of failed heroism defect or side effect of invasion this is typical of public figures who try to show themselves and their concerns, they will always doubt and doubt and there will always be tests to prove the truth of what they say and do with the expected the resulting peace, cease-fire, or closure after incidents does what they say makes things better or worse, and why. And whose interests should be benefited by any interpretation, of course, in all respects the victim comes first.

The ultimate downfall of all things heroic comes from within, either disgust or the inability to care, also called failed motivation. This movie examines the factors that motivate you to go ahead and complete tasks in the time you have allotted. Notice that when your heart is set on something, things merge to meet at the very end point that you were focused on, that your satisfaction in life is where you want to be in life emotionally and physically based on what you put into your life and we don’t all live up to who we want to be in life, I’m sure I’ve failed in some aspects of how I’m treated or how I look, but none of that what happens to me cannot change me or my concerns in the world with or without respect. I’m a blogger, a paralegal and now a girlfriend to someone special, maybe not a wife or lover, but at the end of the road there’s always something better to offer you if your heart is in the right place.

As a blogger, I’m acutely aware of the commitment I take on when writing and communicating with my audience. I can tell there’s an anticipation or anxiety when I’m not writing or blogging, and I feel the need for constant connection and an answer to life’s challenges. I’m just doing what we’re all taught to do in any kind of chaos, to stop doing things that people think are unhealthy or that affect our mental or physical health. And sometimes it requires space to figure life out for yourself. Maybe not as grand and colorful as the movie, but there is an amazing world of possibilities when we give ourselves time to heal and think that it no longer becomes “groupthink” of stress when we accept a certain period but go without stuffing ourselves to edges by any responses made by Fox News or exhausting ourselves people in our lives, how many times can you remove toxic people before you decide to help them, I choose a blog that shows that I don’t care who sees or reads me, and being on IMDb means that you are able to please many types of audiences without making people feel bad, including, and that’s why people know how to respect and entertain most feelings without being told or we’re too dependent on you, sometimes we don’t need to follow anyone’s example in life to get it right that’s what #toddspitzer is for what part of the public should be responsible for exposing them is their beliefs and how much of the public’s beliefs and opinions are graft others and how much of what people think should influence us in our lives or interfere with our better feelings. I think we all have the capacity to heal and find stillness, and that’s what a 5-day Instagram break does. Peace. Food for thought.

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