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Kajeet Rewards $ 550,000 to 22 Organizations for Purchasing Connection Solutions That Stimulate Digital Inclusion in Education


MCLIN, Virginia (PRWEB) June 23, 2022 – Kajeet®, a leading provider of wireless connections, software and hardware solutions that provide secure, reliable and manageable IoT solutions for more than 3,000 businesses, schools and districts, as well as state and local governments, today announced 22 recipients of a 2022 homework grant . To further fulfill the mission to close the digital divide for students in the United States, each grant recipient will receive up to $ 25,000, which they can use for any combination of Kajeet Education broadband solutions, including Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi school buses, Chromebooks with built-in LTE. and routers.

“Because many students are returning to personal learning after a two-year hiatus, we can’t lose momentum in working on bridging the homework gap that still worries millions of American students,” Daniel J. said. W. Neal, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Kajeet. . “The homework gap existed long before the pandemic and continues to perpetuate inequality and create huge, lost opportunities. As a community, we must make every effort to connect students outside the classroom to the many educational resources and opportunities that are only available online. The Kajeet Homework Gap Grant is just one example of the many things we can do together to create full digital capital – and maximize opportunities for success – for all of our students. ”

22 grant winners:

The Kajeet Homework Grant Program enables schools and counties in K-12, colleges and universities, and public libraries to connect students to a safe and secure Internet outside the classroom. Sixty-five schools, districts, colleges, nonprofits, and public libraries representing 22 states across the United States applied for the grant program, of which 22 winners were selected based on scores in four categories – total application, impact on the gap. Homework, Creativity and Innovation, and Sustainability Program.

Since launching the program in 2017, Kadjet has allocated more than $ 2,000,000 in broadband services to schools, districts, colleges and universities, public libraries and nonprofits to close the digital divide and help all students access learning at any time and anywhere.

One of the 22 grant recipients, The Randolph Holder School for Justice (PS 253Q) in New York City, plans to use its grant to support its students with a full suite of Kajeet broadband solutions, including WiFi access points, Wi-Fi school buses, LTE – built-in Chromebooks and routers. “Students without the Internet at home cannot access research programs to improve their literacy and numeracy skills,” said Cristiano Vazquez, assistant director of the Randolph Holder School of Justice. “The number of missed opportunities adds up when you look at evenings, weekends, breaks and summer. We are determined to close the gaps in our achievements and will use the grant to ensure that students have opportunities at home, not just at school. ”

Most winners plan to use a combination of solutions, including Wi-Fi hotspots ( Kajeet SmartSpot®) and Wi-Fi bus ( Kajeet SmartBus ™) to create for students a more inclusive learning environment in digital format. These educational and community leaders work diligently to ensure that students have reliable access to the Internet so that they can complete assignments online, prepare for exams, or gain access to additional educational resources during transportation.

To learn more about the Kajeet homework grant program, visit https://www.kajeet.net/digitalinclusion/

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Kajeet provides an optimized Internet connection of things, software and hardware products that provide secure, reliable and controlled Internet connection to nearly 3,000 businesses, schools and districts, state and local governments and IoT solution providers. Kajeet Private Network solutions simplify private wireless networks to allow customers to design, install, and manage their own wireless networks.

Kajeet is the only IoT connectivity provider in the industry to offer Sentinel®, a scalable IoT management platform that includes real-time data usage visibility, policy management, custom content filters for added security, and flexibility across multiple networks.

Kajeet is available for hybrid and multi-network access across all major North American wireless networks, worldwide with coverage in 173 countries, and across multiple licensed and unlicensed networks. Kajeet owns 40 U.S. patents in the field of mobile technology. To learn more, visitkajeet.comand follow us on Twitter at@Kajeet.

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