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Key Podcast | Ep.82: What have we learned about digital learning?

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This week’s episode of The Key explores whether the landscape of digital teaching and learning has changed over the past two years of global pandemics, recessions, upheavals due to racial justice and more.

The participants of the conversation are there Shanna Smith Jagars, Assistant Vice Vice Rector for Research and Evaluation of Programs at Ohio State University for Student Performance, and Jessica Rowland Williams, director of Every Learner Everywhere, which achieves equal results in higher education through advances in digital learning.

In our discussion, they explore topics such as whether students ’expectations have changed as to when, where, and how they study, or more teachers are more likely to incorporate technology into their pedagogy than they were before, and what institutional leaders need to do. to ensure that whatever role digital learning plays in their future strategies, they do it well. · Organizes Inside the Supreme Ed Editor Doug Lederman.

This episode was made possible by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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