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Landline use in Germany is on the rise, study shows


As more and more people around the world switch off their landlines for good, Germans are actually using them more and more. While this may seem like another hilarious example of the country’s outdated technology, it’s actually a sign of a bigger, much more modern problem.

More people use landlines than a year ago

People in Germany use them fixed telephone lines call more often than a year ago, according to a new survey by comparison site Verivox. When asked, “Do you call home from a landline?” 81 percent of 1,040 people aged 18 to 69 said yes. A year ago, this share was only 73 percent.

Before you joke, “Hey Germany, the 1990s called and it wants its phones back!”, it’s worth noting that people may not be using landlines by choice. According to Verivox expert Jens-Uwe Theumer, the country’s poor mobile network could be to blame as many people don’t have enough signal to use their mobile phones at home. “Mobile coverage leaves a lot to be desired, especially indoors,” he said.

He added that the coronavirus pandemic may also have played a role as people have been staying at home more over the past two years, which may mean they’re getting used to using a landline again.

Patchy mobile signal still plagues Germany

More and more people are switching to their mobile phones for good – so much so that providers now routinely offer unlimited minutes in their packages for customers who use their phones both at home and on the go.

But it is possible that the progress in Germany is slowed down by the transparent coverage of the network in the country. A recent survey by Verivox found that more than half of the population regularly experiences dead zones or signal outages. Telecommunications companies investing billions of euros in improving coveragebut it may still be some time before the federated republic finally loosens its collective grip on the landline.

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