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Las Pazitas College celebrates the return of the film festival Schools / Education

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After a six-year hiatus, the film festival at Las Positos College (LPC) is experiencing a renaissance. Organized by students and faculty in Las Pazitas, the festival encourages local students and recent alumni to showcase their short films.

Previously, the festival was difficult to organize and support, so the producers of the event decided to take a break. But now, with new film and photography programs on campus, the festival has resurrected.

“LPC hosted the Student Film Festival from 2009 to 2015,” said Dr. Elizabeth Wing Brooks, one of the festival’s co-directors. “The opportunity to update and revive the festival with a new LPC film studies program and students and faculty is worth the hard work. We had a few meetings to plan Zoom festivals last fall because of the pandemic, and this spring we were able to work in person. We are all looking forward to the live event! ”

Interested student directors presented short films of up to 10 minutes earlier this month. LPC received about 30 entries in major categories that include narrative films, documentaries, animation, music videos, LPC alumni and high school films.

“It’s always nice to see the work expand,” said another of the festival’s co-directors, Dean Horvath. “Maybe they graduated from college in a year or two and increased their game. And high school students are also doing a great job. ”

All materials are from current or recently graduated students from high school, community colleges or four-year colleges.

“I look forward to a return to live events in which everyone can take part. It will be fun and nice to support cinematographers, ”Horvat said.

On April 28, 2022, Las Positas will host a free screening and awards ceremony for directors, their friends and family, and community members from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm in Room 2420 of the College. Award categories include directing, comedy and drama, editing, storytelling / storytelling, score / sound, and audience selection. Recipients will receive a small cup, a certificate and a surprise gift. Until the organizers know which films they will show, the session will last about two hours with an intermission.

“Watching student films together on the big screen with a live audience is a lot of fun, but then the opportunity to offer awards for student filmmaking is a cherry on top,” says Wing Brooks. “We hope the Las Po Film Fest can continue to grow each year, providing a platform for student film celebrations, as well as creating a community on campus and in the Three Valley area.”

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