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Today’s reader poll asks: Does your manager give you enough time and attention?

  • Of course! I get everything I need from them 26.06%
  • Mainly. Sometimes I want to get more 32.19%
  • Not really. I feel like a bit of an afterthought 31.03%
  • Not at all. It’s like I’m not there 10.72%

Allocation of appropriate time. Only 26% of respondents said they get all the time and attention from their supervisors. An alarming 42% feel like they came later or as if they didn’t even exist. This means challenges in terms of engagement, performance and retention. Ask yourself how your team members would respond to this survey if it were about you. Are you giving them enough attention or are you too busy with email? In a very remote environment, giving your people quality time is even more important. Most people will say “but I don’t have time”, and if you do, ask yourself if you have time to replace and do all the work of the people who quit while you try to hire someone new. Make time for your people. Ask them what they need from you in terms of guidance and coaching. If you want them to stick around, you have to show them you care.

Mike Filiuola in thoughtLEADERSLtd

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These results were originally from the SmartPulse survey SmartBrief on Leadership which tracks feedback from more than 240,000 business leaders. Get smarter about leadership and subscribe to the Leadership SmartBrief electronic newsletter.

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