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Leverage your sustainability achievements in your competitive positioning


According to Forbes article, the seriousness of commitment to sustainability / carbon neutrality / ESG will cascade deeply through the commercial ecosystem.

The article says that there are three groups of companies in relation to sustainability / carbon neutrality / ESG, but there is clearly a fourth one, which is the first one below:

  • Those who are not doing anything yet
  • Those just dipping their toes into the ESG landscape are making small commitments and moving slowly toward real change
  • Those making significant commitments, investments and operational changes are focused solely on rigorously delivering on their mandates as CEOs
  • Those who recognize that there is significant opportunity to enhance their brand and competitive positioning through their ESG commitments and investments

Regardless of which stage of the above your company is at, the article states that unless you can demonstrate that you are reducing your carbon footprint and being socially responsible, your company will be replaced by the company that is. The sooner your company moves to the fourth stage and uses its sustainability status as a competitive factor, the better you will be at retaining existing customers and winning new ones.

Regarding the supply chain, if you are a supplier, regardless of your size or public/private status, be prepared to be required to have sustainability certifications and carbon programs, as your customers will need to have suppliers that can demonstrate sustainability and carbon reduction programs. Again, it’s an opportunity to capture market share if you’re faster than your competition to become sustainable certified and have a carbon neutral program.

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