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LGBTQ students and alumni criticize Lee University’s statement

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The leak of the Lee University Statement of Belief project has disappointed and outraged some students and alumni with their stance on sexuality and gender.

The statement said Lee’s students, faculty and staff should “diligently strive to accept and live according to their God’s biological sex” and cannot “publicly identify or behave as the opposite sex”. The statement stressed that the university’s position “may cause problems for those who feel same-sex attraction or have questions about their gender / sexuality.”

This was announced by Kendra Mann, spokeswoman for a Christian institution in Tennessee News channel 9 On Tuesday, the leak confirmed the current policy at the university and did not reflect any “radical changes”. The statement, which was announced in advance by teachers and staff, was to be published on August 1.

The Affirming Alum Collective, a group of LGBTQ alumni and allies on Facebook, published that the group was “deeply saddened and disappointed” by the contents of the document.

“To our LGBTQ + colleagues and affirming leaders Lee, students, faculty and staff, we are with you and mourn with you,” the statement said.

University before provoked criticism from LGBTQ graduates with the exception of the words “gender” and “gender identity” from their anti-discrimination policies in their 2021–2022 Student Handbook. University President Lee Mark Walker also vocally reiterated the university’s long-held position that same-sex relationships are forbidden by Scripture in statement and during a service at the chapel last spring.

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