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LGBTQ + students are more likely to be bullied

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LGBTQ + students were more likely to be discriminated against and abused new study The University of California, Los Angeles, the Williams Institute Law School and the Point Foundation Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to LGBTQ + students.

The study used data from a survey on access to higher education, a national survey of 629 respondents who studied in four-year colleges and 193 who studied in graduate school. It was found that 33 percent of LGBTQ + stated that they were bullied, harassed or assaulted while in college, compared to 19 percent of non-LGBTQ + peers. Eighteen percent of LGBTQ + said they had been sexually harassed in college, compared with 6 percent of non-LGBTQ + people. In addition, 60 percent of LGBTQ + stated that they did not visit teachers or staff while attending college, and 37 percent said they did not visit classmates.

In terms of mental health, 35 percent of LGBTQ + said their mental health was “near” throughout or most of their college education, and 39 percent said their colleges have counseling services that support LGBTQ +. Twenty-two percent of LGBTQ + people chose a college away from home, which the study said should have “found a more polite environment”. Only 5 percent of their non-LGBTQ + peers did the same. In addition, 33 percent of LGBTQ + said they chose college elsewhere to leave their families, compared to 14 percent of non-LGBTQ + people.

“Colleges and universities are increasingly concerned about diversity, equity and inclusion,” the study said. “The results of this study highlight the need to improve the conditions for LGBTQ students, a significant and heterogeneous minority.”

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