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Los Angeles General Hospital is to become affordable housing


Los Angeles County officials are moving forward with a plan to convert a mostly vacant general hospital building on the site of the Los Angeles County Medical Center into affordable housing.

Supervisory board approved the motion Construction and financial plans for the project will begin on Tuesday. The motion directs county departments to provide four months’ notice of potential timelines and allocate up to $194.7 million in funding for the project, according to a news release from Supervisor Hilda Solis.

“Strengthening our commitment to its restoration and reuse can help us respond to the housing crisis our region is experiencing, as well as provide exceptional medical services – continuing the hospital’s more than 150-year mission,” said Solis, who introduced the movement.

The General Hospital project is part of the Restorative Care Village proposal, a county effort that began in 2017 to pool resources for homelessness, unemployment, mental health and substance abuse in the county-USC. Under the proposal, the general hospital could be renovated to include 184 market-rate units and 371 affordable units.

The historic Art Deco building could be renovated to include 184 market rate units and 371 affordable units.

(Luis Cinco/Los Angeles Times)

A spokesman for Solis’ office said the project will help provide inpatient treatment and services for people with housing who may need a place to recover after receiving medical care.

The Restorative Care Village project consists of three phases. Phase 1 was recently completed with a 96-bed Rehabilitation Treatment Center, which will offer transitional housing for some people released from Los Angeles County medical facilities, and 64-bed inpatient treatment programs, which will provide intensive treatment for patients discharged from psychiatric facilities. assistance. .

The second phase will include the construction of facilities for community resources and recreation, employment services and emergency psychiatric care.

The renovation of the general hospital, which could begin construction in 2024 with a planned completion in 2026, is Phase 3.

The project would also allow for community and commercial space, such as child care, a gym or a grocery store, according to Solis’ office.

Developers will be reaching out to local communities for applicants for affordable housing at the shared hospital.

A visitor takes photos at the entrance to the Los Angeles County Hospital.

A visitor takes photos at the entrance to the Los Angeles County Hospital.

(Luis Cinco/Los Angeles Times)

A 19-story, 1.2 million-square-foot general hospital Open building in art deco style in 1934 about a mile and a half from downtown Los Angeles. Because of its proximity to skid row and other underserved communities, the hospital became a provider of health care for low-income residents.

In January 1994, the hospital was damaged by the Northridge earthquake and failed to meet fire and earthquake codes.

The new LA County-USC Medical Center complex was built nearby, and in 2008 operations were postponed.

Much of the original general hospital building is unused, although the lower floors house a health center, the US Navy Medical Training Center, and several district departments.

In November 2018, Solis wrote a request for a feasibility study on the reuse of the building. The findings of the study, which were presented to the council in April of this year, recommended that the hospital be repurposed to include hundreds of affordable housing units and expand the health center services.

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