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Main launches scholarship for software developers with The Hague University of Applied Sciences – FE News


Investor in software Main Capital Partners (“Main”) today announces the launch of a scholarship for students of HBO-ICT (specialty software engineering) in collaboration with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS), through its recently established “Main Social Institute”.

From today, leading talents and highly motivated students, who due to personal circumstances face obstacles in obtaining a higher education qualification, can apply for this high scholarship. This valuable and favorable financial support and experience will be provided by the “Main Social Institute” in the future.

The ultimate goal is to help and support these students to get their degree easier and faster. This capability and its ability to quickly track qualifications is extremely important, as there is a serious shortage of software developers in the Netherlands and surrounding regions.

Charlie Zwemstra, CEO of Main, commented:

“Numerous personal and unforeseen circumstances can delay or even prevent a student from graduating. The labor market simply cannot afford the amount of diplomas we are seeing today. This is a significant waste of potential talent, which is much needed in the software industry to grow and develop to the fullest. Lack of financial support or simple lack of mentoring and appropriate professional support networks can play a role in hindering or completely eliminating student progression. Main wants to support successful candidates in the best way possible, using our capital and operating network to give them the best chance of success in the working world. ”

Sandra van Stanvelt, HBO-ICT Education Manager at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, added:

“We regularly see that motivated students delay their studies simply because of their personal situation. For example, students who must also work in addition to their studies to make ends meet. In addition, students with vulnerable families are more likely to drop out of school. The scholarship does not solve their problems completely, but it helps give them a solid platform and stabilize their income. Ultimately, this allows them to devote more time to studying and getting good results. In addition, access to a professional network is an extremely important step that can significantly change the perception of a student’s professional career. “

Financial and personal support

In terms of criteria, all first-year students can qualify for the basic scheme. The scholarship, which consists of a financial contribution of up to € 12,000 per year, will run from the college’s sophomore year until final graduation. The main plans are to initially give scholarships to three students a year. Students will also receive a designated tutor from Main’s network of software portfolio companies. Companies involved in the software include such as KING Software, Enovation Group and Qics.

Matthews Wilms, CEO of KING Software (Accounting and ERP Software), supports the Main and HHS initiative. He himself studied computer science at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and did an internship at the company, where he now holds a senior position.

Wilms commented:

“It was a wonderful learning experience and personal development from which I could begin to apply everything I learned in my future work. During my professional training I benefited greatly from the guidance of my teacher, a former owner. From him I learned about the importance of the commercial side of the software business and about what commitments are needed in the workplace. He always said, “Mathis, you can’t leave until you’re ready. Well, I’m still there. “

Jeroen van Reisweik, CEO of Enovation Group (Healthcare Software), added:

“The shortage of IT talent is a real global problem. If we can give novice developers a boost in their education through internships, lectures or career guidance, we are very excited to be able to do so. In addition to financial support from Main, we hope to be able to offer students the stability they need to successfully complete their studies. ”

Mark Veltuisen, Qics CTO (software for scheduling and invoicing, among others), commented:

“There are young people who, due to external circumstances, find it difficult to focus 100% on their studies. It’s great that we can help these students move forward with our guidance and knowledge of the sector. We will give this guide personally, taking into account his or her needs. ”

Zwemstra at Main, concluded:

“We have been investing in software companies for over 20 years and are enjoying great success in the process. We have grown along with the market and now manage more than 30 software groups across Europe. We look forward to sharing this success and future journey through the “Main Social Institute”, giving back to society in a way that is relevant to the sector we admire and work in. We note how attractive IT talents play a role across the sector today and in its evolution. Companies and training institutes need to work together to find a solution to this talent constraint. ”

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