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Make yourself invaluable to your employer: a handbook for office staff


Working in an office can be fun, but it’s also very hard work, and there are many factors to consider.

One is to make sure your commitment to your role is recognized and you emphasize how important you are to your company.

with dangerous jobs are on the rise and many workers are worried about how the current economic crisis will affect their role, it’s understandable that you might want to make yourself invaluable to your bosses to increase your chances of keeping your job, getting a promotion or getting extra benefits.

Here are some simple ways you can emphasize your value to your employer and improve your chances of success in the office.

Pay attention to punctuality

As simple as it sounds, always arriving at work on time can make a big difference in how your superiors perceive you and how much they value you. If you are regularly late for work, they may think that you are not interested in your work and not very motivated. Although they may not seem to notice if you arrive early, they will subconsciously see the effort, and when they think about a raise or other perks, they will think of loyal team members like you. So try to always arrive on time or if possible a little early so that you can emphasize your commitment to your role.

Take responsibility for health and safety

Health and safety is important in the office environment. If you take responsibility for some of these important responsibilities, you can demonstrate your value to your company and make yourself harder to replace. So, consider offering to be a fire marshal or operator at your company. You can also consider running a cabinet risk assessment and be responsible for ensuring the continued safety of your workplace. This approach will help you show your employer that you are committed to your role and can also help you boost your CV.

Offer to help organize outdoor events

Many workplaces offer off-site activities and extras such as company outings and team building days. If you know that these events are planned, you can offer to help them organize and run them. Offering your help will show your willingness to support your organization’s senior leadership and your commitment to helping your fellow teammates. It will also help you immerse yourself in the company and learn more about the people you work with. Even if you meet them regularly in the hallway, you may not actually know them, so working on other events and activities can be a great way to improve your knowledge and potentially make new friends that can be useful in your future career. eri.

By emphasizing your value and showing your employer that you are willing to support them, you can make yourself invaluable to your organization. Use these tips to feel more confident about your job security and show your boss how useful you are in the office.

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