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May 20 is the deadline for applications for the Apprenticeship Awards Cymru – FE News

May 20 is the deadline for applications for the Apprenticeship Awards Cymru - FE News

Applications are coming for this year’s prestigious Apprenticeship Awards Cymru, as the deadline for May 20 is fast approaching.

The awards are organized by the Government of Wales and supported by the National Training Federation of Wales (NTfW) for students, employers and providers of work-based learning and practice. The main sponsor for the third year is Openreach.

The awards highlight outstanding achievements in unprecedented times of successful employers, inspiring students and talented practitioners.

Application forms can be downloaded from gov.wales/apprenticeshipawardscymru and filed before the closing date May 20 at 12.00.

Among the entries, the finalists in nine nominations will be shortlisted for the awards. Categories: “Student of the Foundation”, “Student” and “Graduate Student of the Year”, which this year for the first time included students with the highest degree.

The “Talent of Tomorrow” category gives employers the opportunity to single out a current student who has “demonstrated significant personal progress” and has had a “tangible and positive impact on the employer’s organizational performance”.

Successful businesses are honored with awards for small, medium, large and macro employers of the year. The Practitioner of the Year in Work Training recognizes those who are crucial in conducting training.

The Welsh Government has recently announced an investment of £ 366 million over the next three years to provide 125,000 students of all ages across Wales during the current term of government, which is due to end in 2026.

Economy Minister Von Getting said: “I urge everyone involved in our apprenticeship program to celebrate their achievements and inspire others to follow their example by participating in this year’s Cymru Apprenticeship Awards and sharing their success stories.”

The two winners of 2021 emphasized the value of participating in the Apprenticeship Awards Cymru.

Karen Richards of ACT in Cardiff, winner of the Teacher of the Year Award for Work Training, said: “The award is a testament to the fact that my efforts have not only been recognized but also appreciated, which is important. I didn’t go down to earth for at least a month after!

“Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the work done not only by job training practices, but also by the impact that training has on students.

“At last year’s awards, there were some fantastic stories that should encourage students, practitioners and businesses to challenge. I am very glad that I was nominated for the award. “

Convey Law from Newport, which has an innovative in-house training program for carriers, was named the average employer of the year in 2021.

Since receiving the award, the company has received three more industry awards related to excellent customer service, hired another 60 employees, increased staff to 170 and plans to open new offices in Cardiff and Swansea.

Convey Law Managing Director Lloyd Davis said: “It was extremely important for all of us at Convey Law to receive official recognition from the Welsh Government by being shortlisted and winning the Apprenticeship Awards Cymru 2021.

“Our training and internship program has changed us as a business and allowed us to thrive in the most difficult times when many businesses have unfortunately been in decline.

“We believe that by winning the award, we have helped highlight the valuable work that many Welsh businesses are doing in the apprenticeship field and have shown that you can hire and successfully train your own staff with the right people and programs in place.”

The apprenticeship program is funded by the Government of Wales with the support of the European Social Fund. For more information on student enrollment, visit: https://gov.wales/apprenticeships-genius-decision or by phone 03000 603000.


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