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Mendenhall, Thomas Hart Dominate the Day History Contest Schools / Education

 Mendenhall, Thomas Hart Dominate the Day History Contest  Schools / Education

Mendenhall High School in Livermore and Thomas Hart High School in Pleasanton dominated the junior group competitions on Alameda County National History Day 2022, which took place almost March 12th.

Eight projects presented by Mendenhall students and five projects presented by Thomas Hart students were named Champion Award winners. The Quarry Lane School in Pleasanton also had one Champion Award winner. All 14 projects will enter the state competition on National History Day on the weekend of May 6 in Rocklin, California.

National History Day is an annual educational program sponsored by a nonprofit organization at College Park, Maryland, that encourages middle and high school students to study local, state, national, and world history.

Students choose a topic related to the annual topic, conduct research, analyze and interpret their findings, draw conclusions about the importance of their topics in history and create final projects for their work to evaluate professional historians and educators.

The theme of 2021-2022 was “Debate and diplomacy in history: successes, failures, consequences.”

“National History Day motivates students by allowing them to choose topics that interest them and the type of project that uses their strongest skills,” said Robbie C., who teaches a history lesson in eighth grade with honors in Mendenhall. “It strengthens their confidence and adds an element of fun.”

Champion projects presented by Mendenhall students:

A documentary for the junior group – “George Mason and the Debate on Ratification”, Charlie Hertz and Freya Kirty, and “Alice Paul: Challenging Stereotypes”, Eva Kay and Rowan Weiss.

Exhibition for younger groups – “Vaccination against smallpox: useful or harmful”, Anna Lim and Amelia Vaughn.

The podcast for the junior group is “League of Nations: Peacekeeping”, Daniel Booth, Chase Lewis and Zach Nalik.

Junior website: Panama Canal: Through Debate and Diplomacy, Stephen Hsu, Vin Nguyen and Isaac Yi; and “The Declaration of Independence: The Document That Made America,” by Omar Dutrio, Emit Ekonayake, and Saket Bhanwadia.

Solo exhibition for juniors – “Federalists and anti-federalists: the parties that formed the nation”, Michele Wheatstone

Individual podcast for juniors – “Dorothea Dix: a lawyer for those who can not advocate themselves”, Emma Buban.

presented by Thomas Hart students:

The exhibition of the junior group – “Red Emma: Anarchist, Author and Activist for Women’s Rights”, Rutik Malikardzhun and Saikharshina Karukola.

The website of the junior group – “A Tale of the two main world systems: the ideas of Galileo and the consequences of his trial”, Andy Trine and Sindhura Selva.

The youngest historical document is the Treaty of Ghent: An Agreement That Stopped the Bloodshed of the War of 1812. Medha Nadatur.

Individual site for juniors – “Mabel Pin-Hua Lee: Hero in the Dark”, Anushka Gontla and “13th Amendment”, Gene Son.

Quarry Lane won the Champions Prize for a documentary for the junior group entitled “The Importance of the Occupation of Alcatraz in the Struggle for Indian Rights,” presented by Jaden Moon, Ish Pant, Shazeb Khan, Avnish Sudam and Avni Shriram.

Students at Thornton Elementary High School in Fremont also received three Champion Awards, while California’s Crosspoint Academy in Hayward and Creekside High School in Patterson received one higher award each.

At Mendenhall High School it has become a tradition to take good places in National History Day competitions.

Last year, Mendenhall students Audrey Manley and Kylie Rose were co-champions in a state competition for their project “Ida Tarbel: Exposing the Injustice of the Standard Oil Company” and then finished in the top 10 nationally. Two other Mendenhall student projects also won first place last year in a state competition.

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