Michigan tax professional charged with obstructing federal tax return. Other charges


    According to A Press release of the Ministry of Justice, a Michigan tax professional was recently charged with obstructing the IRS during an investigation into his own tax return fraud. This story should remind taxpayers that it is very important to file accurate annual tax returns, and if you are audited or investigated by the IRS, you should not try to mislead or illegally thwart the government’s investigations. If you have not filed a tax return for one or more years or filed a tax return that contained knowingly false information, it is in your best interest consult an experienced tax attorney to determine the best strategy to bring you into tax compliance without tax prosecution.

    The defendant allegedly filed false tax returns and made false statements to the IRS

    Court documents show that Raj Paruti, of Novi, Michigan, owned and operated his own CPA firm that prepared tax returns and provided accounting services. Between 2013 and 2014, Paruti allegedly filed false tax returns for himself and his business. Federal prosecutors allege Parruti failed to file returns or pay taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars in income he received from his business.

    In addition to allegedly falsifying his true income, federal prosecutors allege that Paruti failed to report a bank account he controlled in India as required by the US Foreign Bank Account Reporting Regime (FBAR). Finally, Paruti allegedly made false statements to the IRS about his personal and business income and expenses, his bank accounts, and his personal receipts from the business.

    If convicted, Parruti faces up to three years in federal prison on each count of filing a false tax return, three years for obstructing the Internal Revenue Service, one year for filing a false tax return and five years for failing to disclose his offshore bank account. He may also be ordered to serve a term of supervised release that begins upon completion of any physical confinement. Finally, Paruti may be required to pay the IRS compensation for the tax loss he has caused.

    Complying with tax law with the help of a tax attorney

    The defendant in this case began with an incredibly rare situation: a tax return filed that allegedly contained false information. In many situations, a taxpayer who files a tax return that inaccurately reflects their true income or deductions can work with an experienced tax attorney to reduce any civil or criminal exposure by filing an amended return, making a voluntary disclosure, or using another strategy. But the defendant in that case allegedly doubled down on questioning by lying to the IRS. While there are various strategies for responding to IRS inquiries, providing patently false answers is discouraged.

    If you haven’t filed a tax return for one or more years, or if you filed a tax return that contains false information, you should check with experienced tax attorney to determine the best way for you to agree with the government. Together, you will work to establish the relevant facts of your case. You will then mutually agree on a strategy moving forward that will attempt to mitigate some of the potential civil or criminal penalties associated with tax noncompliance.

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    If you have not filed a tax return for one or more years or have taken a position on a tax return that cannot be supported The IRS or state taxing authority, eggshell revision, reverse eggshell revisionor criminal tax investigationit is in your best interest to contact experienced tax attorney to determine your the best way to return to federal or state tax compliance without criminal prosecution.


    While the taxpayer who has intentionally committed tax crimes (potentially including foreign information declarations not filed in conjunction with affirmative evasion of US income tan ax on offshore income) self-reports tax fraud (including a pattern of unfiled returns) via internal or offshore voluntary disclosure before the IRS initiates an audit or criminal tax investigation/prosecutionusually the taxpayer can be successfully brought back into the tax regime and get an almost guaranteed pass for tax prosecution and at the same time often receive a stay on civil penalties that would otherwise apply.

    This imperative what are you hiring an experienced and reputable criminal tax attorney to guide you through the voluntary disclosure process. Only the lawyer has Attorney client privilege and Work Product Privileges what will happen prevent the professional you hired from potentially being forced to testify against you, especially where they have prepared returns that need to be amended during a subsequent criminal tax audit, investigation or prosecution.

    Moreover, only a lawyer may enter you into a voluntary disclosure without participating in the unauthorized practice of law (a crime in itself). Only a trained tax and criminal defense attorney fully understands the risks and rewards of voluntary disclosure and how to protect you if you are not eligible for voluntary disclosure.

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