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MIP in Milan collaborates with The Mind at Work

MIP in Milan partners with consultancy The Mind at Work

Milan Business School MIP is collaborating with the business consulting company The Mind at Work to “rethink the role and goals of business.”

MIP, the Polytechnic School of Management in Milan, said it chooses an active and dedicated role in evolution to teach its students the nuances of business transformation through establishing its strategic partnership with The Mind at Work.

The Mind at Work is an independent business consultant with “experience in knowing and applying goals” in leadership, culture and strategy development.

MIP and The Mind at Work are linked to “teach and inspire” decision makers

According to Federico Frattini, dean of the MIP, partnership emphasize the broader purpose for business; one that embraces profits and also has a positive impact on employees, customers and society at large.

Frattini noted: “Our aim is to educate and inspire more conscious leaders and decision-makers who are truly involved in building a more responsible society.

“We want to inspire and encourage our students and the organizations we work with to actively contribute to building a better future for all by participating in a thorough review of the role a leader must play in these changes.”

The MIP in Milan plans to restart the MBA and other degrees in 2021

The MIP Business School in Milan plans to relaunch and implement its MBA, EMBA and other programs with a new focused educational approach in 2021, building in part on the results that will result from this rethinking of business planning planning.

Starting with the reorientation of the MIP’s purpose, values ​​and culture, it is expected that the partnership will work to create a new educational offer that will challenge the traditional economic business model and its focus on “profit first”.

Frattuni added that: “As part of this transformation, the goals of business schools themselves must move from a limited goal – simply to help people succeed in their careers – to a broader, collective and loftier goal.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Darren Rudkin, co-founder and director of The Mind at Work, said: “I am delighted to invite MIP and its vibrant community of students to a deep knowledge and application of purpose.

“Goal is not another word for sustainability or vision, it is also not true that goal is against profit – it is not two ends of the spectrum.

Goals emphasize “why,” which gives energy to transform “business as usual” into something that means inspiring and connecting others and profoundly influencing their decision-making, responsibility, and conscious action».

Emaido Affia is a reporter from Nigeria’s Global Education Times that covers stories from North America, MENA and Africa for publication. Emaido is an experienced journalist and also a lifestyle blogger in her spare time.

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