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Misinformation accompanies the expansion of U.S. accelerators

Misinformation accompanies the expansion of U.S. accelerators

Like the United States balanced To deploy its Covid-19 vaccine incentive program for all adults, misinformation on social media about this latest event is likely to be the focus of the next round of vaccine misinformation.

False stories of additional vaccine injections creating a new wave of infections and new variants of the coronavirus in other parts of the world have already surfaced. For example, Robert Malone, a skeptic of the Covid-19 vaccine, is known for his role in the development of mRNA vaccine technology, but has since promoted statements about a vaccine that causes miscarriage, the vaccine is not allowed and other false information, is the main promoter. Malone, who has a significant audience via Twitter and his amp in the right-wing media ecosystem, has posted several tweets in the last few days describing the vaccine as “leaky”.

Other pandemic skeptics and vaccine deniers have used the growing number of cases in Western Europe, where many countries have already dispensed extra doses, as if “proof” of additional vaccinations leading to new and new infections. Some social media reports pointed to Gibraltar, a British territory with high vaccinations that has just announced a new round of restrictive Covid-19 measures due to an increase in infections.

A blog post by Substack against the vaccine, popular with like-minded social media users, claims that in neighboring countries where vaccinations have not yet begun or have not gone high, there has been a smaller outbreak of cases than in Gibraltar. It was a retweet by Jeffrey A. Tucker, a libertarian writer and president of the Brownstone Institute, a newly founded publication that promotes ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and others. unproven “drug from Covid-19”. Keenan Chen

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