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Morelton Morell College partners with national developer for brick-and-mortar construction – FE News


The latest phase of a major collaboration between a leading college team and a national developer is set to benefit students from across the region.

WCG (formerly Warwickshire College Group) and Taylor Wimpey Midlands are creating a training facility for apprentice bricklayers at Morrell Morrell College.

The partnership provided a platform where masons can practice their building skills.

Work to develop the space is still ongoing, but the initial cohort of masons have completed four days of hands-on training with Master Ges Baldwin at Moreton Morell College.

The work included theory throughout the day to help them gain a good understanding of the work that a skilled mason has to carry out on a Taylor Wimpey site.

Mark Bonham, Assistant Director of WCG, said: With the new training facility, everything will be focused on ensuring that every student who goes through the training program develops the tools they need to become a better bricklayer.

“At the company, they will gain knowledge of the profession, which will give them the confidence they need to use the skills they have learned on the job.

“As well as learning, students carry out maintenance work around the campus – and work in a sustainable way, using bricks that would otherwise have to be thrown away to complete the work. It helps us a lot in the daily work of the college.

“The partnership between Taylor Wimpey and WCG has been excellent for all parties. Thanks to our joint efforts to create a high-class educational institution, it will raise the level of the mason training program.”

The apprentices were recruited as part of Taylor Wimpey’s latest recruitment drive, which saw the firm take on 11 new apprentices, including nine bricklayers and two carpenters.

Taylor Wimpey has won JobCrowd’s Best Apprentice Company 2022/23 competition.

Michelle Reid, Learning Manager at Taylor Wimpey, said: “We are keen to explore any way we can support improvements to the facilities at Moreton Morrell, which in the longer term will benefit future construction learners on campus and benefit our business.

“We are keen for our four apprentice trainees to develop the tricks of the trade to maximize their learning potential and the new premises should help them get the most out of their training at Taylor Wimpey.

“We look forward to recruiting the next new cohort of students and learning at the training centre.”

John Billings, Construction Project Manager at WCG, added: “The work the apprentices are already doing is excellent and is proving beneficial for everyone – which is even more remarkable when you consider they are in their first year of their apprenticeship and some have no previous experience. which could be addressed.

“There are some great achievements so far with Harry Green representing WCG at the WorldSkills regional competition and Owen Shaw winning the Junior Bricklayers Guild competition held at Rugby College and going on to the national competition later this month.

“All the students are exceeding expectations and producing work of an extremely high standard. We look forward to following their journey in a thriving industry.”

To find out more about masonry courses at WCG, visit www.wcg.ac.uk/study

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