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Most Powerful Vishnu Mantras for Seekers


In this post, I have written about the two most powerful mantras of Bhagwan Vishnu which can be very helpful for everyone, especially seekers and advanced spiritualists and those who are looking for ultimate peace and happiness in life.

Vishnu Mantra for immense energy and physical, spiritual and mental strength: this Vishnu Mantra enables the seeker to concentrate all his energies on Lord Vishnu who is always present in his body.

Hindu religious scriptures have repeatedly stated that there is no distance between Lord Vishnu and his devotee and that the Lord is present wherever a devotee is present, a promise made to a devotee can be taken as a promise made by Lord Vishnu himself.

The mantra attracts immense positivity and repels any negativity, including enemies, black magic, and diseases, and the devotee gets whatever he desires, including treasure, wealth, and material and mental happiness and pleasure. The mantra has the power to endow the devotee with supernatural powers such as intuition and telepathy.

Meaning of this Sri Vishnu Mantra: I salute / pray to Sri Vishnu Bhagwan who is present in every living being. / सर्व जिवोन के अंदर रहे वाले विष्ण भाग्वान को मम म

This Vishnu mantra is derived from Bhagwan’s name Vishnu वसु / Vasu which is mentioned in Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra.

|| ॐ वसवे नमः ||
|| Om Vasave Namah ||

Note: Readers can watch the video of this Bhagwan Sri Vishnu Mantra in Hindi on your YouTube channel Prophet666: Prachand Urja Ka Aakarshan Karne Vala Sri Vishnu Mantra

Vishnu Mantra for Ultimate Happiness or Moksha:
This small but most powerful Vishnu mantra can be meditated upon to attain moksha, vimoksha, vimukti or ultimate liberation from the endless cycle of life and death. This state of existence, which comes after the soul or Atma leaves the earthly body, transcends the five senses of smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, is that state of existence in which everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

This mantra is derived from the name मुकुन्द | Mukunda Bhagwan Vishnu who is described in both Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra and Ashtottara Shatanamali Stotra.

Meaning of this mantra of Bhagwan Vishnu: I salute / pray to Lord Vishnu who gives moksha or final liberation. / मोक्ष देने वाले विष्णु भाग्वान को मेरा नामन.

ॐ मुकुन्दाय नमः ||
Om Mukundaya Namah ||

How to chant both these mantras of Bhagwan Vishnu: A devotee can repeat either of the two Vishnu mantras as often as he likes while working, sleeping, walking, or for 5-10 minutes daily. There are no special rules or worship required for their chanting Mantras of Vishnu.

It is better to concentrate on the presence of Lord Vishnu in your body while chanting the first mantra and on the Universal Avatar of Lord Vishnu while chanting the second mantra.

Video of this Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra in Hindi can be seen on our YouTube channel Prophet666: Har Prakar Ka Sukh Aur Moksh Dene Wala Vishnu Mantra

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