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NAIFA Life Leadership Institute receives ASAE Gold Power of Associations Award


NAIFA) Life Leadership Institute (LILI) got a Power of Associations 2022 Gold Award from ASAE, Center for Associational Leadership. The Power of Associations Award honors “associations that go beyond their day-to-day mission to launch initiatives that deliver far-reaching benefits important to their profession or industry.”

LILI is a six-month program offered exclusively to NAIFA members who seek intellectual and professional growth through a process of deep introspection and discussion. LILI graduates acquire leadership skills that benefit them in business, at NAIFA and in their personal lives. After graduation, they agree to work for at least two years in NAIFA leadership positions. Many also go on to hold leadership positions in their professional lives and communities.

“The Leadership in Life Institute is important to the long-term success of NAIFA, as many leaders from our national and state chapters have graduated from the program,” said the NAIFA CEO. Kevin Mayo, CAE. “As a staunch supporter of ASAE, NAIFA is extremely proud that the Center has chosen to recognize LILI with this honor. It shows that NAIFA members make LILI so powerful by creating and improving the curriculum, acting as moderators and participating in the sessions.”

The power of LILI

LILI raises the profile and contributes to the success of NAIFA and the industry by producing highly active and effective leaders. Evidence of the program’s success is:

  • LILI has graduated over 3,000 NAIFA members.
  • According to data collected from NAIFA’s membership database, more than 95% of LILI alumni have completed or are completing their two-year service pledge with the association.
  • 12 of the past 15 NAIFA National Presidents are LILI alumni.
  • The two NAIFA officers who will be our Presidents in 2023 and 2024 are LILI alumni.
  • Of the NAIFA National Board of Trustees who are also members of NAIFA (and therefore eligible for LILI), 75% are LILI alumni.
  • In recent years, over 65% of NAIFA state chapter presidents have been LILI alumni.
  • Of the eight current NAIFA members known to be running for state legislatures or the US Congress during the 2022 election year, six are LILI alumni.
  • 70% of LILI graduates report significant growth in their book of business within a year of graduation.

The NAIFA LILI program received a Power of Associations Gold Award in the Power of Industry and Professional Development category, which recognizes LILI’s development of innovative educational and professional opportunities for NAIFA members and the advancement of collective knowledge for the profession. NAIFA has previously received Power of Associations silver awards for its Advisor Ambassadors Program (2020) and NAIFA Live Program (2019).

ASAE is a membership organization of more than 46,000 association leaders and industry partners representing 7,400 organizations. ASAE members lead, manage and work in or collaborate with organizations in more than a dozen association management disciplines, from executive management to finance and technology.

The ASAE Power of Associations Awards showcase how associations use their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry or professional performance, drive innovation and improve conditions around the world.

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