Home Career New details on the University of Virginia murders

New details on the University of Virginia murders


The Washington Post has new details on the deaths of three University of Virginia students on Sunday.

The students were shot as their class was returning from a trip to Washington to see a play. The Message reported that the course was devoted to African-American playwrights, although the professor invited students from her other courses to attend as well.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was one of the students who was not aware of African American playwrights. He was charged with murder.

He has not spoken to the students he is accused of killing, all of whom were members of the UVA football team. Jones didn’t play with the team for long in 2018, but he didn’t seem to know the ones he killed.

Jones did not sit with the other students in the play, Thiel’s Trilogy, about Emmett Till, a 14-year-old who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955. The students had dinner after the play at an Ethiopian restaurant.

Their professor, Theresa Davies, organized the tour and the funding for the day. Students did not have to pay anything.





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New details on the University of Virginia murders
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