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New trustees poised for victory at San Francisco City College


Three candidates for San Francisco City College’s Board of Trustees are poised to shake up the status quo in the much-criticized governing body, reports preliminary election results published by the San Francisco Department of Elections.

Notional winners were Anita Martinez, former head of the college teachers union; Susan Solomon, former leader of the San Francisco Unified School District teachers union; and Vic Chung, former CCSF Student Trustee. They ran as a single group with the support of the teachers union, the San Francisco Democratic Party, and the San Francisco Labor Council, among other supporters, San Francisco Standard reported. The candidates campaigned on a platform of balancing the college’s budget and increasing enrollment by better advertising the free tuition program for San Francisco residents.

The change in leadership comes amid continued turmoil at the college, which experienced a series of layoffs in May in an effort to preserve the college’s financial health ahead of an upcoming re-accreditation process. The movement was extensive protested teachers of the faculty. The college developed historically struggling to support his accreditation and was suffering from financial troubles.

Voters also rejected a proposed parcel tax on the ballot, which is expected to generate $37 million annually for the college.

“People have seen a lot of negative news about City College in recent years,” said trustee Alan Wong. San Francisco Standard. “People are frustrated and want to see some change.”

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