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New youth center in Wood Green set to change young people’s lives – FE News


Young people from Haringey have expressed their desire to see a brand new youth center help transform Wood Green after the inclusive and safe facility was officially opened today (Monday 1 August 2022).

Rising Green was developed and co-produced by a group known as the Wood Green Young Voiceswho – through collaboration with Freehaus Architects, JA Projects and Haringey Council – had an important say in many aspects of this project.

With experience growing up in Wood Green, the young voices have influenced the centre’s color palette, logo and name, as well as the design of the buildings and the program of events and activities to be offered this summer and beyond.

The youth center is located in the Noel Park area, which is one of the poorest areas in the country* (*10%).

Young people who attend school or live in Haringey’s Noel Park and Wood Green areas are at risk of gang violence and knife crime, and they in turn are determined to change any preconceived notions about themselves and their local area as a whole .

We hope that the opening of the Rising Green Youth Hub will change this and give young people the opportunity to realize their potential in a new way.

One of those young voices, Yasin, commented:

“The name Rising Green means that we are all growing together and improving along the way. This is evident in the logo, which represents the rising sun, and the color scheme is bright and welcoming.

“The Youth Center provides very good opportunities for young people in Wood Green and the surrounding areas.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen anything like it. It will give many young people a chance to do something in their free time and hopefully it will have a positive impact on the area.”

Another young person who took part in the co-design and co-production workshops, Jasmine, added: “I loved being part of Wood Green Young Voices. It gave me so many amazing insights into people’s views on Wood Green, as well as London in general, and the diversity of the group ensures that all views are represented.

“The band meant a lot to me and many times it was the highlight of my day. It has been amazing to watch the youth center grow from a simple concept to something truly amazing and I will 10,000% be visiting :)”.

Cllr Perey Ahmet, Leader of Haringey Council, said:

“One of my priorities is to improve services for children and youth in our area. It is at the heart of my administration.

“The Rising Green Youth Hub is a key component of this approach and I am confident that it will have a transformative effect not only on the lives of the young people who use the facility, but also on the area as a whole.

“We invest in our young people through community assets such as the Rising Green Youth Hub and Bruce Grove Youth Space, helping them get on in life and achieve their dreams.”

Jonathan Hagas and Jayden Ali, principals of Freehaus and JA Projects, respectively, said in a joint statement:

“London’s streets and public institutions need to be safe and welcoming, representing their everyday users.

“Young people often lack the agency to make a positive contribution to their human environment, so it was an honor to work with Wood Green Young Voices to create a youth center that reflects their diverse programs and supports their ambitions.

“The new youth centre, Rising Green, is driven by the need to smartly upgrade the existing high street shopping center and design to embrace circular economy principles. Together we created a youth center of the future for the future; offering a dynamic and supportive space for Haringey’s young people to live and grow.”

Aimed at young people aged 11 to 19 (and up to 25 for people with SEN/SEND), Rising Green offers them a safe and inclusive space to relax and socialise, enjoy and learn.

Open from 14:00 to 20:00 on weekdays from now until Friday 26 August 2022 during the summer holidays, there is a wide range of exciting activities to take part in.

For more information, visit the Rising Green Youth Hub webpage (www.youthspace.haringey.gov.uk/rising-green-youth-hub).

For more details on what’s on during the school holidays at Bruce Grove Youth Space and Rising Green Youth Hub, check out our summer flyer (www.youthspace.haringey.gov.uk/sites/youthspace/files/bruce_grove_and_rising_green_summer_flyer.pdf)

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