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News in brief from around the world: August 2022



For the first time, scientists obtained a the human genome from remains covered in volcanic ash found in the ancient city of Pompeii. They identified the person as a man in his 30s with markers of spinal tuberculosis, and also analyzed the bones of an accompanying woman in her 50s.


This is evidenced by a new analysis of a space rock found in the desert in 1996 was created by the rare explosion of a Type Ia supernova. The violent event most likely occurred about 4.6 billion years ago on the outskirts of our solar system.


A variety Pyralides last recorded in 1912 found in the passenger’s luggage at the Detroit airport. Several moth larvae were apparently hidden in a bag of medicinal tea that the traveler purchased in the Philippines.


NASA satellite images captured the activity repeated eruptions of the underwater volcano Kavachi. In addition to being a geologically active site, it is home to a thriving population of sharks, earning it the apt nickname “Shark Canoe.”


Cambodian environmental officials have asked the public to stop collecting carnivorous, characteristically shaped “penis plants”..” These rare insect-eating plants are found only in shallow, nutrient-poor soils in some remote mountainous areas of the country.


Although the annual migration of monarch butterflies has been declining for three decades, entomologists have confirmed that wintering of eastern monarchs in Mexico increased in the district by 35 percent compared to last year. Insects can adapt to climate change, experts say.


Using lidar, laser remote sensing technology, archaeologists found traces of 11 villages of the indigenous population since 1500 years ago. These settlements were connected by an elaborate series of roads and bridges to two large, formerly known cities called Landivar and Kotaka.

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